The Past Week Has Been a Train-Wreck for Microsoft, and it's Only Getting Worse

"So the Xbox One was announced about a week ago on Tuesday, May 21st with a very mediocre unveil, some would say it was an absolute, unorganized mess. Then right after the conference came the even bigger news that I'm sure everyone heard about already, this only made matters worse. Now every website you go, any gaming-related place where you can type in a comment, you'll find people that are furious, even more interesting is how Microsoft decided to deal with the outrage, and here's a hint, they are still dealing with it terribly to this very minute, it almost feels like at this point they may just be trying to tell gamers to just ... deal with it."

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FrigidDARKNESS2500d ago

Its beginning to get worse for Sony also with no used games on ps4 . Cant wait for Sony to announce the no used games on the ps4 .
Folks are upset at MS for that crappy unveiling .

Count2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

''Cant wait for Sony to announce the no used games on the ps4 .''

Me too.

We'll see how quickly the tune changes. And how everything falls silent. And how nobody dares speak of used games again.

SexyGamerDude2500d ago

"And how nobody dares speak of used games again"

*cough* Nintendo *cough*

Count2500d ago

I'm sorry.

I'm sure I can count on you to mention Nintendo.

abzdine2500d ago

it has been announced and confirmed long time ago

ShwankyShpanky2500d ago

Funny how most folks, SDF folks included, are saying "I hope MS changes their over-restrictive DRM policy." Yet the Xbots are saying "I hope Sony institutes an over-restrictive DRM policy."

Sad. What will you guys do if Sony *doesn't* go the same path as MS?

Count2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Nothing about the future is certain.

I_am_Batman2500d ago

I don't even know where you guys are getting that information. Every single official statement by Sony indicates that they won't be blocking used games.

PirateThom2500d ago

Disgusting that you would rather Sony take the awful decision of adding these restrictions rather than Microsoft remove them.

Fanboyism is one thing, willing to sell yourself up the river for a company is another.

I want the XBOne to remove these restrictions. It's just a shame that Microsoft FANS need other people to protect them from a corporate rogering.

Mr_Nuts2500d ago

Wait a minute, you WANT them to announce no used games...Get out...both of you

MysticStrummer2500d ago

Sony already said they wouldn't block used games, so you and Frigid have fun waiting. Maybe you should call up negative and greenpowerz and play some Scrabble.

Sideras2500d ago

If anything everyone will turn to nintendo. Personally I'll just turn my back on the console market altogether.

MariaHelFutura2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I'm so disappointed in you, I want the Xbone to NOT spy, NOT block games, NOT have to require Kinect and NOT require an internet connection.

kneon2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@FrigidDARKNESS and Count

You two are perpetuating the stereotype of the immature Xbox fanboy. If your console of choice is going to be crap then you want everyone else dragged down with you. That's really childish, have you guys reached puberty yet?

You should be hoping no one follows Microsoft down that path, if they are the only ones and the XB1 flops then they will have no choice but to change course.

Garbanjo0012500d ago

Actually, they are pissed about it too. They are listening to what the gamers are saying, and by listening it at least leaves some hope that the 2nd hand market isn't totally screwed. Honestly I don't care about the 2nd hand market as much this time around, maybe a few years after the release of both consoles this winter, but in the end I'm switching to PS4 because the Xbox showed me absolutely nothing that I am interested in besides technology that I don't give a shit about.

Why o why2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

new form of 'me too', 'you too' fanboy. Just like Pirate T stated. You'd rather sony announce it for point scoring over pulling your fingers out and using your energy on your masters. LMAO...You's two have made yourselves look STRAIGHT DUMB.. Be like Jokes on You and some of the other 360 guys and at least do something about it. Thats what fans should do, NOT wish ass raping on everyone.

I commend the 360 guys who are at least admitting they're having a hard time accepting whats in front of them. Even more respect for those who have made contact or posted their concerns. We're gamers. Yes we have factions, we bicker and banter but sh*t like this could affect us ALL. Pull your fingers out you because you're acting like dummies. Divert your angst towards the source NOT the messengers

KarrBOMB2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Very well said @PirateThom...

This is an issue that gamers, all gamers should want to avoid. Regardless of whether you're a M$ or Sony fan. The DRM, not allowing you to trade games w/ friends, used game fee, no more renting games, Kinect watching and listening to you in your sleep. All of these are issues you should be pissed about when it's your gaming machine on the line.

I have a 360 and PS3, but there's never been a better time to go exclusive to one company, so Sony... I'm loyal to you now only baby!

Anyone actually defending M$ and the Xbox one, deserves what's about to happen to them. If you were a true gamer in the first place, these restrictions would piss you off.

@Kneon ...

Well said to bro. This is something that the true gamers should all want to avoid. If you're still a M$ fanboy after the huge cluster F of details, you're just a casual gamer or are to stupid to see the actual real issues going on. There's no reason to support any company that does this to their consumers.

pompombrum2500d ago

Lol funny stuff:

Xbots: Can't wait for Sony to degrade themsleves to our level

Gamers/Sony fans: Hopefully Microsoft takes away their online checks, DRMs and spy devices.

Stay classy Xbots, stay classy.

creatchee2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

For the record, Sony said that they wouldn't block used games. They did not, however, say that there wouldn't be a charge for them.

People astound me - they honestly think that this is solely a Microsoft initiative. The publishers are the ones who want this system more than Microsoft or Sony, since they are the ones who are affected the most by used game sales.

And please - stop saying that Microsoft is pocketing the money from second hand sales. I guarantee that since this a rights management issue, the publishers are going to be the ones who make the most from this.

Given that, and also given you take time to have an unbiased and informed thought about everything, do you honestly think publishers are going to support one console that doesn't allow them to make money from second-hand sales while the other does? Wake up.

Sony will adopt DRM or something that ensures more money for the publishers. Maybe not first party games, but definitely your Activision, 2K, Ubisoft, and EA type companies.

And it's not like anybody WANTS to see Sony do this - it's more of the hardcore Xbox fanboys who want to be able to throw this whole issue back in the face of Sony fanboys, whoare adamant in their constant bulletpointing of the topic, when Sony announces something similar.

kingPoS2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

If what Sony announces are online passes, then I might have to concede.

I'll just have to deal with being glad I won't have worry about not seeing the best from PS4 games over 3mb DSL.

what's going on here???

Why o why2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Nice speech createchee...

...Thing is I'd almost agree with you had I not seen the same sony fans you speak of, in their thousands, take to twitter to make their feelings and concerns heard regarding drm and used games.

Seems like sony fans dont want sony to follow suit....If none protested, again, I'd almost agree with ya but the response was there for all to see. Open your eyes. Blaming 'the other faction' all the time just distracts. Band together, do the same, use your costs nothing

I understand the joy born from the act of throwing sh*t back in the faces of their fans have had that torment turned joy in regards to 'exclusives' for the last few years now.

Mr Blings2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@ creatchee...good comment and I understand your logic in many ways. However, if one company supports drm, fee for used games and one does not there is another possible outcome that can take place. Your scenario has the publishers in total control. The publishers can only be in control if we customers allow it. If the vast majority of customers pick the product that does not follow the drm policies, the publishers will be backed in a corner. They ultimately want to make money. We customers may have less product at the start for siding with the non drm product, eventually publishers will be forced to release material where the install base is. Constomers need to take control with their purchasing power and not just sit and take it.

I agree it would be a risk for SONY to stick to their guns and release a system with no used games fees, but ultimately I think it would pay off for Nintendo is also not using this practice so it would only be Microsoft. I like the odds that Microsoft and the Publishers fall on their faces

rainslacker2500d ago


There is another possible conclusion as well. Both companies will abandon this whole idea, leaving the publishers with nothing. It's hard to say if they would be willing to take the risk of the cosole not selling given the current situation. They may just say to the publishers, "Oh well, figure something out that doesn't screw us and we'll look into it." In the end, the console manufacturers will look out for themselves, and they do have quite a bit of power over publishers, so it's not all one sided.

Otherwise, I agree with your comment for the most part.

SolidStoner2500d ago

@ abzdine

nice find..

this article was writen in february 21, 2013..

"“Used games can play on PS4,”Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer."

and it ends with

"It’s probably safe to say that now that Sony’s definitely not blocking used games, for Microsoft to do so would be a grievous error."

they knew everything!!!

Dee_912500d ago

How can the PS4 block a game if its never online?
MSFT and the publisher charges a fee to unlock a used game,even if your friend gives you the game you will have to still pay a fee for it to actually be yours, this isnt like an online pass where you have to pay for a code to access the online aspect of a game,with XBOne you will have to pay to access the game itself.To assume just because the Xbox is blocking used games means all other platforms must do the same is asinine, 2 words, Xbox Live.The only platform charging you to play online already will be the only platform charging additionally to play a used game.

avengers19782500d ago

Sony already said the PS4 will function with no Internet, so the chances that they block used games some how are slim, I mean how do they check that if you never have to go online with the console. Xbox one requires Internet connection, requires kinect to function, and the used game fees( not blocks ) can easily be done since you have to go online with xbone(every 24 hrs)

The alway online requirements from MS seems to leave out a large number of people right off the bat. There are places in the u.s. that have bad Internet, and some people all around the world are just left out by this.
None of what MS has done so far is good... And I was considering both Xbox and PS4, but unless E3 changes anything then it's just PS4 for me

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SexyGamerDude2500d ago

"It's beginning to get worse for Sony also with no used games on PS4"

There are used games on the PS4.

creatchee2500d ago

Of course there are also used games on the PS4. The question is will there be a charge as well?

I quote the article that you linked:

"So if someone buys a PlayStation 4 game, I asked, you're not going to stop them reselling it?

"Aaaah," was Yoshida's initial answer, but seemingly only because he'd forgotten his line. "So what was our official answer to our internal question?" he asked his Japanese PR advisor. The advisor stepped in but didn't seem to answer clearly, at least to my ears. Yoshida then took control again firmly:

"So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?""

Basically, he didn't answer the question because either A. they're going to charge for them and don't want to announce that yet or B. they haven't decided on charging for them yet.

I would say A is more likely, to be honest.

waltercross2499d ago

@ creatchee

That's assumptions, they could simply be keeping it under wraps...not like MS by mouthing off every tiny thing.

The only way I see Sony charging a fee for used games is if the PS4 uses FULL installs like the XBO does.

Maddens Raiders2500d ago

Well frigid and Count are here.. we're just missing "negative" for the trifecta of fail.

2500d ago Replies(1)
MysticStrummer2500d ago

"Cant wait for Sony to announce the no used games on the ps4 ."

Can't wait for you and some others to admit Sony already said they wouldn't block used games.

USMC_POLICE2500d ago

Didn't Sony announce they support used with no issues

Rusty5152500d ago

"Can't wait for Sony to announce no used games on the ps4"

Okay, you're simply not a real gamer. Did you see us Sony fans jumping for joy when we heard about the X1's used game fees? No. It's been backlash and criticism. We're not celebrating. We don't care about this stupid little console war. We care about the future of video games. I don't care how much you hate a console or company, anyone who wants this to happen to any system, doesn't love video games.

Clarence2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

You and count are upset over M$ wack ass Xbox 1 reveal. Now both of you want Sony to take the same road as M$ when comes to used games. Sony is trying to preserve the gaming community while M$ is try destroy it.

If your a gamer why are you wishing Sony to follow M$ route when it comes to used games?
Hell doing M$ way your console will put gaming second instead first like it should be.

I don't need a cable box I already have that.

M$ want you to pay to play, pay for their cable package, and now they want you to pay full price to play a used game.

I pass. More money in my pocket for games.

KarrBOMB2500d ago

So basically, you fully support large corporations ripping you a new ONE, just to squeeze every dollar they can out of you? Are you a gamer at all, do you think renting and borrowing games are stupid and should be blocked? Do you think M$'s new patent which seems to be an invasion of your private life through Kinect cameras and mics, sounds like fun? Do you think people who don't have an internet connection don't deserve to enjoy games?

Why do you think these things are OK?

Nocando2500d ago

lol 112 disagrees and counting. Wow we are outnumbered on this site. It's fun though.

avengers19782499d ago

What I find funny is no one was saying this stuff about PS4, until the Xbox one reveal...
Plus people seem to think that devs are going to favor witch ever system supports used games fees, that's wrong devs are going to put there games on all systems, especially the one with the larger install base... If it made that much of a difference then everyone would make PC only games.
People act like used games are taking so much money away from devs, but I think piracy is a far worse problem, and really the publishers are still making a ton of money.

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Excalibur2500d ago

Sony may also reveal that they may not do used games as well but my bigger concern with the ONE is the always on Kinect that is an invasion of privacy.

threefootwang2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


Except for the fact that it's already been confirmed that used games will be on the PS4 lol.

fattyuk2500d ago

Let's all hold hands and sing kumbiya together!!

Cam9772500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

They honestly couldn't have done any worse! Furthermore, they've moved all eyes onto Sony as they revealed too many *****y features whereas Sony still have the console to reveal.