Chipping Block: Xbox One and the Used Games Fiasco

GIZORAMA - Microsoft’s upcoming games console was unveiled nary a week ago, and already the company is suffering a whirlwind of negative press. Some have criticized the scary idea of having an always-on console listening and watching every move you make in your living room. Others lambasted the conference’s focus on the console’s television connectivity rather than being centered around games. But if one had to choose the single most controversial feature of the Xbox One, it would have to be its supposed treatment of the used games market.

Word on the street is that when you buy a game and activate it using your Xbox Live account, that game is then forever tied to that account. If you pass the disc along to a friend, it’s only good for installation purposes. They’ll still have to pay for an activation code, which is rumored to be set at full, retail price. Other sources report, however, that no activation codes will be required in the used game environment, and instead Microsoft...

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