Confirmed: Rayman Legends will also be released on PS Vita

Vandal: This version for the Sony's latest handheld will go on sale the same day as the rest, so you can buy it from August 29.

It will include five maps and two costumes as exclusive content, among which include one of Prince of Persia and a Splinter Cell.

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Thatguy-3102506d ago

color me NOT surprise. If origins was on the vita I don't see why they wouldn't release the next installment as well. These platform type of games go well with handheld devices.

SynGamer2506d ago

Origins was an excellent game, especially on Vita. The colors were amazing and it was some of the bets platforming in years.

abzdine2506d ago

cool, one more good game for Vita

OmegaSlayer2505d ago

This game was intended to be exclusive and in a couple of days will be announced for toilets and fryng pans too.
Good, Origin was insane and this one deserves to sell a lot everywhere.

extermin8or2505d ago

This was no suprise Ubisoft tend to have their games hit every platform known to man particularly rayman:p look at how many releases and remakes of rayman 2 there have been :p shall be prordering this for my vita as soon as places will let me :p I loved origins :D

pr0t0typeknuckles2505d ago

dude that avatar is creepy,did you make it yourself?

Cloudberry2505d ago

I got it a long time ago when Ninja Theory's DmC announced and someone photo-shopped DmC's Dante with Kratos of God of War.

It's a great photo-shopped.

Mister_Kingdom2506d ago

awesome, glad to see some love for the Vita.

Gamesgbkiller2506d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.