How to Build the Ultimate Gaming PC look at how to build a gaming PC without breaking the bank.

"Fed up with your PC failing you miserably when it comes to the latest gaming action? Fret not, we have the solution.

Sure, you paid top dollar a few years ago to a man with a crisp shirt from PC World, but now it seems like a glorified typewriter. You've seen great new titles whistle past your nose like Call of Duty 4 and Crysis, but you know your sorry old grey box won't handle a man jack of them, especially since little Lucy stuffed her buttered toast into the CD drawer last Christmas.

If you've got money to burn, then there are any number of companies ready to change all that with their latest branded super PCs - shiny Beasts with dazzling stats and an Alien-like appearance. Sadly though, when I say money to burn I mean around three grand. Crying yet? Well you needn't."

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TheTerminator3952d ago

Ya, didn't T3 also create the slim PS3 rumors?

pfft, enemies to skynet, they will all die

TheTerminator3952d ago

How much in dollars is the total?

ferret16033952d ago

It's a British site so it's in pounds not dollars. It clearly says "Total: £1423"

Hellgiver3952d ago

I think he knows that. He wanted a conversion. It would be ~$2,821. Still an awesome price for a top end gaming console.

Kulupoo3951d ago

hmmm... i disagree with thier build...
i will choose Nvidia over ATi
and i will not get 2 10k RPM hard drive... u only need one for game... and get a 7.5kRPM one for storage such as music, movie etc..

Gorgon3952d ago

"3 look at how to build a gaming PC without breaking the bank."

£1423 is about 2,821.82 USD. Now thats cheap! LOL

Phoebian3952d ago

nice advertisment for :)

although they are great :P

bourner3951d ago