Xbox One will change the way you view video games

The internet's verbal spew focuses on the Xbox One’s potentially revolutionary/infamous place in home video game history, even if that position isn’t publicly promoted in such a manner: Xbox One may be the world’s first mainstream, all-digital home console.

Think about that for a moment.

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ApolloTheBoss2501d ago

Indeed. Now you'll be able to WATCH games and PLAY TV.

NameRemoved00172501d ago

Xbox one is the red headed child of the gaming industry right now.

I am sure that Gabe Newell will be pleased when the steamboxes take over the xboxs place.

Bonerboy2501d ago

Yeah...I'll be "viewing" vgames from another machine. Sony's.

Hicken2501d ago

In its current iteration, it'll change nothing for me, except maybe the way I view Microsoft. And that's already not in the most positive of lights.