Your lingering BioShock Infinite questions answered (more or less)

If you still have questions about BioShock Infinite, maybe this will help. Or maybe it will just confuse you more.

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JeffGrubb2501d ago

Oh dope! This has all the voxophones that I missed.

wita2501d ago

I missed so many Voxophones.

KillrateOmega2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

God, I loved Bioshock Infinite. It really makes you think, unless you're a lazy ass who doesn't care.

Also, it would appear that I may have missed a few Voxophones...

deantak2501d ago

nice answers. this is what keeps this game going. all sorts of mysteries to unravel.

xBigxBossx2500d ago


My theories are,

1. Song Bird is a failed Booker melded to the song bird similar to A human and a Big Daddy. Further evidence points to them all dying by drowning. Comstock was strangled in the fountain, booker was drowned at baptism, song bird was drowned at the bottom of rapture. And leading to my second part. Andrew Ryan died with his head under water (beneath the sea in rapture).

2. The whole after credit baby scene isn't really Elizabeth, but due to changing history his son is Andrew Ryan. It would explain the Baithosphere. (A bit of a stretch but a hunch)

Sadie21002501d ago

I almost got all the Voxophones. Made me so mad I came up just a little short!

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