Naughty Dog: "Going from Uncharted to The Last of Us Was F***ing Daunting"

"GamingBolt was invited to a press only event for The Last of Us last week, where we got to pitch a few questions to Creative Director Neil Druckman and Game Director Bruce Straley."

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DeletedAcc2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

18 days!!! man...... waited too long

Btw: best decision from ND that they made this IP instead of making sequels from other games.
The industry needs new IP's like THELASTOFUS

gameseveryday2508d ago

I hope people don't forget this gem of a game in the midst of PS4 and E3.

stage882508d ago

No gamer is going to be forgetting this.

abzdine2508d ago

that june 14th cannot come soon enough

Detoxx2508d ago

Like it or not.. PS4 and XBone + their Next-Gen titles will get all the attention

DigitalRaptor2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I think Naughty Dog is going to reveal the multiplayer of the game @ E3. It will definitely have a reasonable presence.

They've been so quiet about it for so long. Sony's E3 conference is on June 10th. The game is out 4 days later. It makes sense to reveal brand new info about its multiplayer and get people more hyped, because from what I've heard, the online part of the game has the same feel and essence as the single player.

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LarVanian2508d ago

This will be one of those games in which I'll head straight to GAME, first thing in the morning on launch day, to buy....if it doesn't have a midnight release that is.

WeAreLegion2508d ago

Well, yeah! Going from one of the top selling and most celebrated franchises in the history of the medium to a completely new IP is something most publishers wouldn't even DREAM of letting their developers do. Luckily, these guys are with Sony.

2508d ago
Sniperwithacause2508d ago

It will be the best birthday ever!!!! To bad I work on my birthday 3pm to 2am

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