Jimquisition When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

The Xbox One will kill used games and control second-hand sales, and some people think that's great. Jim Sterling is not among them.

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thechosenone2503d ago

greedy bastards! die! die!

Venox20082503d ago

he is right, its all greed of publishers and big companies who want to own everything, icluding us

coolbeans2503d ago

When it comes to the retailer/publisher feud:

Some have come out to admit all the major retailers hold them by know and demand some sort of pre-order DLC or face them not purchasing as many copies or giving it attention. Koch Media came out with that after some gaming journalists asked why they couldn't renege on the whole Ranger Mode DLC.

rainslacker2503d ago

This was an excellent video. Bookmarked for future fan boys.