How the PS4 Can End the Console War with the Xbox One Before it Even Starts

StickSkills said, "Sony should take advantage of the current stink around the Xbox One and hit Microsoft right where it hurts."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

My friend ask if I will get then new xbox and I said no!

I can't afford it I will get xbox 1!


WillM172509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


BadboyCivic2509d ago

Day ONE cable box purchase for me. I can't wait to get more ridiculous overdraft fees from paying for XBL.

urwifeminder2509d ago

I know nothing about ps4 but I only have room for pc ,xbox and wii u that's already over doing it will get a wii u after xboxone but pc has won me over.

akaFullMetal2509d ago

How is it that you don't know anything about the ps4, when you're in every other ps4 article???

Pintheshadows2509d ago

It is due to the fact that he is a horrific troll with nothing noteworthy to say.

LOGICWINS2509d ago

Its not even about the games(an area that SONY is currently "winning" in). Its simply about the fact that I don't see why the new PS camera can't do every voice related function we saw with Kinect 2.

claudionmc2509d ago

Its not even about the games... in a game console?

LOGICWINS2509d ago


I'm talking about in relation to this argument as far as why the Xbox One may not be able to compete with the PS4 for the simple fact that it may have all the SAME features of the Xbox One...AND THEN some.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to hook up your PS4 to your cable box and have everything voice controlled.

claudionmc2509d ago

@logicwins In my personal opinion, I don't see the advantage of speaking to Xbone when you can do the same thing with your controller and it will take 5 seconds more... same as changing to TV mode instead of press the "source" button... I really don't see the advantage of 5 extra seconds every 2 or 3 hours of entertainment

LOGICWINS2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

^^Say you want to access the Internet Browser while on Skype or playing a game. Accessing the Internet Browser MAY take a few button presses. You'd need to pause your game, go to the home screen, scroll to the Internet Browser etc.

With voice control, you just turned a 5-6 second process into a 2 second process without having to stop your game or Skype convo.

And we aren't even factoring in gesture controls which have been proven to save time(Swype on Android phones, gesture controls on Dolphin browser).

I'm sure ull also be able to assign unique gestures to different apps.

".. same as changing to TV mode instead of press the "source" button..."

Taking 1 second to say "TV" is faster/more convenient than reaching for your tv remote and switching back to your tv input. The point is to keep the gaming controller in your hands at ALL times while your enjoying any type of entertainment.

I don't think people understand how revolutionary this is. Gaming consoles have always been separated from your tv. Now your gaming console will subsume your tv, always making your gaming console the center of all your media. Starting your day with "Xbox On" or "PS4 On" is exciting to say the last.

claudionmc2509d ago

I don't use internet in my TV, and less Internet Explorer and Bing (seriously, who uses Bing?)

Instead that, I use my cellphone or laptop to search something while I'm playing and I don't think that I'm going to use skype while playing

Second, I won't pay US$400 for saving 5 sec to 2 sec in a process...

And finally, you don't need to say "ps4 on", because PS4 doesn't go off, but goes to sleep instead... so you just grab your control and continue playing

MysticStrummer2509d ago

@Logic - I'd rather not be able to do those things if it impacts how much memory is available to the game I'm playing.

As far as I've seen, and this could be wrong, One will have 3 of 8GB reserved for the OS, while PS4 will have 1 of 8GB reserved for the OS. PS4's memory is better for gaming in the first place. This difference alone would make me not buy a One, regardless of all the other issues people have with the console.

hesido2509d ago


I don't think saving 3 seconds on a 5 second task you do 10 times a day is important. It could be important if you did this 100 times maybe.

Also, responding to gesture control means a gesture recognition software running ALL the time. Same for voice commands. I'm glad we don't have these features always on on the PS4, not only because of security, but because of the unnecessary strain on the system, those transistors is better off working on my game code.

rainslacker2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


It's not revolutionary. Voice is just another input control. The actual functions shown is what they call multi-tasking, which has been done on PC for over 30 years. In fact I have voice control available on my notebook from 6 years ago. I used it a few times, and what I found is that it is very limiting, and prone to mistakes. MS may have better voice recognition by now though. Until I either use it, or see something not PR related in a video, I can't judge it's quality.

This whole thing is just existing tech wrapped up with a nice new bow on it.

It brings nothing to gaming. It brings something to the ecosystem of XBL. It's an interesting and cool way to do things on the Xbox given the technology that it has. But it does nothing, I repeat nothing whatsoever for games. It is purely a UI function. This isn't to say that the Kinect itself can't and won't be used for gaming, just that the features shown were not gaming related.

Gaming consoles and TV's are intrinsically linked. They were never separated. I think instead of TV, you meant to say cable. It's a remote control for that, and all the other functions exist along side with that. It turns cable into an App service. Nothing more, nothing less.

waltercross2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

As I've said before, late at night in my house you can't be talking n stuff, So I'd be like "Xbox go home!" And I hear from another room "Shuuut up!!" LOL.

I'm glad the PS4 don't have all that voice stuff, I Love a controller in my hand.

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Gildarts2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

NOP. I don't think the PS camera has a Microphone.

Even if it does. The one in Kinect 2 is built for it. It will recognize your voice even with loud music on.

Also not every PS4 will come with a Camera so it's not beneficial for developers to build a game from the ground up with it.

Kinect 2(bundled) is one of the killer features and advantage that microsoft has over the PS4.

Imagine a game that supports Oculus Rift and Kinect 2. With this we are ever closer to that virtual reality dream. Something we are sure to get in the near future. And it will be an Exclusive experience to the Xbox One. and maybe PC.

LOGICWINS2509d ago

The hell? If the old PS Eye has a microphone, I'd be shocked if the new one didn't.

MysticStrummer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The new PS camera has four microphones.

garos822508d ago

Here we go again logic.
You are a master of verbal diarrhea.Sony is indeed winning (no need for quotation marks) on the gaming front as they are the only ones to have shown games.
Just because you will be able to watch ps4 games via your "tv box " doesn't make it on par with Sony's showing so far

Ps you have way too many bubbles for such a terrible troll

sigfredod2509d ago

Yeah the PR from Sony this console generation has been way more aggressive and i love it

VTKC2509d ago

just concentrate on the games and Do not use DRM.

LOGICWINS2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Games should be the focus, but if I'm spending upwards $400 for a new console, I want it to have the features a next-gen machine should have. Featurewise, the Xbox One feels like something new. The PS4 conference focused on cloud gaming as the "new" next-gen feature....something thats been around for a while. Its a nice idea, but its not anything that we haven't heard of before.

With the Xbox One, the fact that I can seamlessly transition between different forms of entertainment using only my voice is something entirely new that we haven't seen before.

The PS4 is winning on the games front, but the Xbox One still has that "wow factor" of a completely voice controlled media hub. E3 will be very interesting to say the least. Both consoles have things that I would like to own for the next 5-7 years.

Again, I don't see why the new PS camera can't make the entire UI voice controlled as well. This would make my decision of which console to buy first a very easy one(DRM issues aside).

Gildarts2509d ago

They won't be able to do voice controlled UI.

The reason why it works so well with the Xbox One is that it has 3 Operating systems running simultaneously. And Microsoft built it from the ground up. True multitasking simply can't be done as an afterthought without sacrificing a lot of performance. The architecture needs to be build for it.

T22509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

yeah its a fine feature that's full of ... meh. Sony obviously realized that voice controlling your TV is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things when you are making, I don't know, a GAME console.
and as others have pointed out time and time again, voice control is not new or exciting technology it is a gimmick.
I have this thing called a logitech harmony remote, perhaps you have heard of it? Why would I care about using my voice when I can push one button and get whatever I want? Is the xbox going to set up my surround sound system the way I want it too? will it switch to my ps4? even if it did, I could still do it with a push of a button.

Edit - and saying the ps4 conference "focused on cloud gaming" is a lie. They focused on multiple aspects of their vision for next gen.

KingMe422509d ago

I'm a mute. What are voice commands to me? Nothing.

LOGICWINS2509d ago

^^It's not about "you"...its about people in general. Sony and Microsoft want the biggest market possible for their products. No ones forcing you to buy into this if you don't want to. No one product on the planet will appeal to everyone.

Voice commands won't appeal to the mute, movies won't appeal to the blind, and music won't appeal to deaf. But guess what? There are billions of non-mute, non-blind, and non-deaf people out there that these forms of entertainment/features WILL appeal to. You being a mute doesn't negate this.

grassyknoll2508d ago

You're assuming choice control works perfectly for everybody, which it really doesn't. The Xbox One concept is trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist.

KingKelloggTheWH2508d ago

NOTHING the XBox-one is doing is new,it just like cloud gaming have been on PC forever.

waltercross2508d ago

I think the Xbox one just complicates things and the games may suffer for it. I Have a panasonic remote, Once I hit the Input button I can go to PC, Cable, PS3 just like that, no lag, no delay...just BAM!.

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