European PS3 Games Get A Price-Cut

Kotaku writes:

" Yes, Europe, you pay too much for games. I feel your pain. If your purse-strings are pinched too tightly to allow for full-price gaming, though, you'll be interested to know that SCEE have announced some price-cuts for some of their older PS3 games. No mention of whether or not this constitutes the PS3 debut of the European "Platinum" range, but looking at the list of titles, I'd wager that's a "yes".

Eight titles will have their prices cut to €40 sometime soon (only date we have is "fall"). They are:

- Resistance
- Genji
- F1
- MotorStorm
- Heavenly Sword
- Lair
- Folklore
- Ridge Racer 7"

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MaximusPrime3864d ago

well i bought Assassin's creed off ebay for 15 quids.

eBay can be a life saver. lol

AngryHippo3864d ago

....tell me why all new multiplatform releases cost more on the PS3?! Devil May Cry 4, Army of Two, Rainbow Six Vegas 2?!is it just in the UK or in the US and Japan too?!

AlterEgo3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

not here in the US

but i have no idea why they do it in other regions

edit: lmao your screenname reminds me of something I heard on a Kojima Producations podcast

Brixxer6003864d ago

All i'd say is try to find an independant store, don't use any of the "Big guns", i've never paid any more for a PS3 game and i never will, i buy all my games from a local independant, he also doesn't charge games at MRP.

I.E. Gamestation would sell a new game for £49.99 (MRP), i get them at £39.99, same price as 360.

Alexis Machine3864d ago

That's cool.. but i need to ask, will that also include South Africa (and before anybody freaks out and says ' what the hell does SA have to do with Europe ffs' , my refurbished PS3 was shipped from europe, we even have MTV Europe ffs. So yes, we fall under SCEE. Don't shoot me

So, will it include SA?

eagle213864d ago

PS3 on the Rise...disappear
PS3 version of GTA IV better than 360 in areas...disappear

but they didn't seem to mind about the CNET rant article hiding itself by the "good" title? That is pathetic n4g...

Vip3r3864d ago

Out of that list F1 is the only one I'd get seeing that I already have RFOM and MS and I ain't too keen on the others.


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