On the Hot Seat: BioShock's Ken Levine

Make no mistake, it takes a village to make a videogame. But someone in said village has to order the pizzas on Fridays, and decide who's going to hold the Almighty Talking Stick during staff meetings, and also be willing to lock himself in the village smokehouse on weeknights until he has visions of lumbering Big Daddies dancing in his head. And that guy is 2K Boston's Ken Levine.

After collecting yet another armload of trophies at the Game Developer Choice Awards this past February for Best Audio, Best Writing and Best Visual Arts -- his trophy shelf must be about to buckle under the burden of all the awards the game has won -- you'd think Levine would be holed up in the Ritz penthouse, taking baths in Dom Perignon, eating candy and watching all the PPV movies he wants to watch.

But the one thing more daunting than making a great game is making a follow-up to a great game, and BioShock, in all of its eerie underwater glory, is going to be one hell of a tough act to follow.

Crispy Gamer recently caught up with Levine and sat him down on the Crispy G. Hot Seat. Here's what Levine had to say.

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