Xbox One - The Aftermath

Gioteck looks back at the last week or so and questions where it all went wrong for Microsoft with their Xbox One Reveal.

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negative2505d ago

The Xbox One looks like a pretty awesome machine. Day 1!!!!


AtomicGerbil2505d ago

Poor deluded soul, unable to wait for all the information to be available before making an educated decision!

Your history suggests that you are serious, and really should get some help.

Reibooi2505d ago

Personally my decision is already made. There is alot of things I hate about the Xbox one but most of them I could wait to see how it pans out or see if it's as bad as it seems and what not but one of the issues is a deal breaker for me.

That issue is needing to have Kinect connected to the console just to use it. I want nothing to do with that thing. I don't care about all the TV crap so that argument goes out the window. I understand if they want devs to know every person who has a Xbox one has a Kinect but there is no reason to force us to use it. Put it in the box if you insist but don't force it down our throats.

If they go back on that stance at some point and say you can use the console without the Kinect and they end up having some good exclusives at E3(which I am personally skeptical about) then maybe I will consider getting one. But that one problem is the main reason I want nothing to do with it. The rest of the crap is just icing on the cake for why I don't want to deal with it.

Sharius2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


The Future of MLG Using the Xbox One....

Rob Hornecker2505d ago

I will be owning both systems anyway!

Fil1012505d ago

I'll only be getting a PS4 as I already own a pretty gd 1TB tivo box which gives me all the tv I need.

Kaneda2505d ago

Having with your Halo TV series. That will be your entertainment the next 7 years...

etownone2505d ago

Xbox One day one buy for me.

Cant wait.

Still wondering what is Ms waiting for to drop the price on Xbox 360

AlphaGamingNerd2505d ago

its a joke of a gaming console not a buy for me

hlee22505d ago

So far, Xbox released the most info for their console, XBox One. It's probably why its being hammered all over the net. Sony's teaser PS4 announcement didn't offer too much info about their console. They are probably holding it back for E3. I will wait until after E3 to decide which one to purchase.

Kaneda2505d ago

They offered games and how you play games.