The Internet Revolt Against DRM Gathers Momentum

The power of the consumer is here, and to treat customers with disregard is quite possibly the worst mistake any company can make in the modern world. Friends, siblings and family members have long shared games and interestingly this could be defining issue of which console people choose to buy.

This is something that both Microsoft and Sony need to consider very carefully before revealing their entire strategy towards users.

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SpinalRemains2502d ago



JokesOnYou2502d ago

Hell yeah there are campaigns against it for both platforms.

Blank2502d ago

Exactly where the power belongs to us the gamers but I hope this revolt is a message to the whole industry. Its not only the xbox one but to EA as well if anything EA need a little more flak its been quiet too quiet on their side. But still the whole industry, pubs, and devs need to be aware we are the lifeblood of gaming.

Cueil2502d ago

amusing picture to use for people who are preaching capitalism in gaming

fr0sty2502d ago

yeah, i was wondering why they used a picture of a racist murderer myself.

T22502d ago

With facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and more, it is now at a company's risk to ignore mass "advertising campaigns" which are essentially run by the consumers. It will be at least interesting to see how this plays out...

Cam9772502d ago

That picture made me want to play the original Just Cause.
OT: I've joined the fight on Twitter, I hope Sony hear us and realise that it is completely wrong.

kreate2502d ago

If only ppl complain about paying to play online.... u dont have to pay for online game play.

swishersweets200312502d ago

not going to happen. the xbox live account people are too brainwashed into thinking its the best thing ever to pay for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.