The Last of Us Season Pass Pops up in GameStop’s System, has June 14th Release Date

The rumor about The Last of Us getting a Season Pass originally appeared last week, with it supposedly being found within GameStop’s computer database.

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TrendyGamers2502d ago

I'm guessing 4 DLC packs - 3 MP, 1 SP.

Ilovetheps52502d ago

I'm just wondering, but has ND ever done SP DLC? I can't ever remember it. I highly doubt they will make any SP DLC, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

plaZeHD2501d ago

They said the will never do such a thing. It's way too good for the consumers, why would they do that? They would rather take our money with DLCs that they haven't put much work into and micro transactions. Which a lot of people fall for.

Wedge192502d ago

I'm doubting there will be any single player dlc, if this is like Uncharted 3's dlc outings.

mike32UK2502d ago

I watched a video interview with a few of ND deves yesterday, and when questioned on this very topic one of the guys smirked and the said we'll see, next question please. So I don't think SP DLC is out of the question!

Wedge192501d ago

According to an article on PlayStation LifeStyle, Gamestop is listing "More Story Content" as DLC... so looks like it is SP.

Rhezin2502d ago

yeah if no SP DLC then no deal. Bought season passes for Metro and Bioshock cuz they single player DLC.

doctorstrange2502d ago

Yup, I love SP DLC and wish it was done more

minimur122502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I watched a live stream on TLOU on friday, and neil druckkman (creative director) said to single player DLC

'We'll see'

HarryMasonHerpderp2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Not a fan of season passes.
Putting your money down for content that doesn't yet exist and you don't even know if it will be any good.

minimur122502d ago

why pre-order a game?
it's not like theyre going to run out of it.

trenso12502d ago

pre-order bonuses and yea they do you pre-order the high special editions for this game anymore, so they do run out :P

minimur122502d ago

yeah... they're called 'limited' editions, hence the word 'limited'?

there were 3 editions of The Last Of Us.
PP version is a limited edition, so that's run out.
Survival is the one i'm getting and I still haven't ordered it yet, it isn't a limited edition

LOGICWINS2502d ago

Don't buy the season pass people, it's a slippery slope! We can get all this stuff free if we make ourselves heard!

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