Namco Bandai Celebrates (Horribly Late) 15 Years of the Tales Series With New Video

With the impending release of Tales of Xillia, that will finally reach the western shores on August the 6th in the US and August the 9th in Europe, Namco Bandai released a “15th anniversary” video showcasing the history of the Tales series.

Too bad that the 15th anniversary of the series happened almost three years ago.

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drizzom3483d ago

Long live the Tales of Games! Congrats Baba.

Roccetarius3483d ago

Never played anything but Tales of Vesperia. It was a pretty good game imho.

Main_Street_Saint3481d ago

Tales of the Abyss was also very good and so was Symphonia.

ScubbaSteve3483d ago

It's only fitting that they celebrate 3 years late because they usually take more than 3 years to do a localization. Indeed the only other option would be to not have the party at all and blame westerners for not liking cake.

yokokoroma3483d ago

The Tales of series definitely deserves this, it's one of the best JRPGs ever created!

RiPPn3482d ago

I think in many ways a better franchise than Final Fantasy. If only they would localize all of them instead of the hand picked ones they have done so far.

Main_Street_Saint3481d ago

Well at they know how to do real time battle with a menu system.