Sony Employees Respond to 'PS4 No DRM' Campaign

High ranking Sony staff reveal that the company is listening to used games and DRM concerns for PS4.

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NatureOfLogic3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Keep it up. They're listening.

#Ps4UsedGames #Ps4NoDRM

jujubee883474d ago

But that would be creepy. So instead, just keep on using those damn hash tags and keep the Playstation conversation going. ;)

abzdine3474d ago

Sony ftw. This is great for gamers out there.

piroh3474d ago

whatever happens i will continue supporting Sony due to several reasons, although it could be a nice day if we got rid of this DRM rumors once and for all

Narutone663474d ago

Sony won't tell us now regarding the DRM and Used Games issue. They will announce it on E3 saying out loud that there will be no restrictive DRM (you don't have to be online to play) and you can play used games without paying a fee and it won't be blocked.
*fingers crossed*

BlmThug3474d ago

I had my friend tweet both hashtags because I don't have nor care for twitter but she does so :D I now 'owe her one' -_-

JoySticksFTW3474d ago

MS themselves said that they are watching reactions to the reveal carefully.

And what do some of these people want to do? Have you shut up, calm down, and wait.

Heck no! Gamers need to get LOUDER and them know our concerns. Cause a stink that puts a damper on them promoting this new direction as a good thing.

Just this morning I saw a newspaper front page touting Xbone as the all in one entertainment box we've been waiting for.


Screw all that.

Get on their forums or contact these people directly and let them know how you feel. Just be mature about it (no threats or the like).

Awesome_Gamer3474d ago

Keep it up, real gamers.

#PS4UsedGames , # PS4NoDRM

chazjamie3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

i can assure you they going to be doing the exact same thing that microsoft did with the xbox. This how is the industry decides to move forward, sony will have no choice but to tag along. the fact that microsoft can do stupid crap like emphasize tv over games shows their true dominance. Just because the internet is laughing, doesnt mean the real buyers are.

They might be listening but that does not mean anything at all.

SolidStoner3474d ago

I sure hope PS4 does not have those bad things....
This far sony didnt say nothing about it....

Horny3474d ago

Great news, keep making noise people. If ms starts listening and takes all the restrictions off they get a sale from me. This way I simply can't support them, don't want it to become an industry Standard. My friends and I like to exchange games or I'll bring fifa over and we play before a night of drinking, this won't be possibly on the XB1.
Sony has my full support.

BlindGuardian3473d ago

HI EVERYONE, I DON'T USE TWITTER, can someone post a quick step by step on how to get that campaign?




"Just because the internet is laughing, doesnt mean the real buyers are."

Oh the irony... You just pointed how the "internet people" have no say on the sales of machine that REQUIRES AN INTERNET CONNECTION to even work? Seriously? Those are your potential buyers right there...

Boody-Bandit3473d ago

I am going to tweet, tweet ane retweet it several times a day and all day June 10th

3473d ago
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MariaHelFutura3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Playstation gamers and gamers in general who don't support this nonsense. Good job!

loulou3474d ago Show
MariaHelFutura3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

No gif of Kaz is stupid. That's just silly. Don't be so sour that things aren't going the way you imagined it and wanted them to.

KillrateOmega3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )


Do not insult the great Kaz-sensei.


nerdkiller3474d ago Show
NarooN3474d ago

LOL @ butthurt Xbone fanboys. Use some sense and stop white-knighting Microsoft's garbage console.

#PS4UsedGames #PS4noDRM

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Anon19743474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

To me, the whole argument about "banning" used game sales is ridiculous. Neither company could actually pull this off under existing laws in the US and EU. The EU goes one step further and has ruled that even licenses for digital content must be transferable to others. Blocking used game sales was never on the table.

Restricting used game sales is another matter entirely and that certainly seems the route Microsoft is going with their announcement to control their own license transfers via their online service. This would effectively allow them to take control of the used game market and profit off it but could be seen as anti-competitive behaviour if there isn't a means to cut in company's like Gamestop, but I could still see Microsoft trying this. If it was challenged they could tie it up in court probably the entire generation, like we've seen with court cases against the 360.

At this point, other than saying Sony would leave DRM up to individual developers and publishers, they've said nothing to indicate that they're looking to limit used game sales. I don't know why it's even being talked about.

Sony has owned various patents on various systems that would prohibit used game sales since before the PS2 was even released and obviously hasn't put any of them into play for decades. As for DRM, after what happened with the rootkit scandal of almost a decade ago, we haven't seen a repeat of that from Sony and I don't think Sony has an appetite for a repeat of that. Besides, they have to know if they play their cards right here they'll walk away the clear victors next gen with all the negative backlash rightly directed at Microsoft.

Still, it's not a bad idea for the fan base to remind Sony where they stand.

MariaHelFutura3474d ago

You should have so many more bubbles. Let me help. +1 Well said. I absolutely love all your comments.

Bigpappy3474d ago

I agree with every thing you said except the assertion that Sony's hands are clean in this. They were working on trying to block used game sales just like M$. They are just being more cautious and was trying to present it in a way that would minimize fallout. But we all know Sony was working on ways to do this for years. Having more studios hakes this an even more attractive objective for them.

The push behind this thought is really coming from EA, Activision, Ubi and publishing houses like that. They lobby hard for console manufactures to find ways to restrict used games. They think that if we are allowed to trade these games, it means less sales for them. It is similar to people copying PC games, but less so. The is why even though there are more PC's than consoles, some of them have pretty much abandon the PC.

The big publishers have this kind of clout because they have control over so much of the content. If they decide not to publish on one of these consoles, it will hurt that console sales in a huge way. So this is why M$ came out so boldly (to win favor with EA and Activision in particular), and why Sony is so ambiguous in their statements while obviously doing things in the background.

Darrius Cole3474d ago


Sony hasn't been ambiguous at all. It's just the Microsoft's approach to the way the Xbox One is going to treat used games is so game-changing (in a bad way) that it has changed the context of the questions that Sony was asked back in February. People are not going back and reading the interviews that were given then and trying to read them in the context of the questions about the Xbox One. But when the questions to Sony were asked and answered this new Xbox One paradigm was unknown and therefore unasked about.

Yoshida said that when someone buys a disk based game that it would work on any hardware. Yoshida has said that online registration would be up to the publishers, but that Sony's publishing house was not discussing any such plan. Moroever Michael Denny has said that the PS4 could be used without ever connecting it to the internet.

Microsoft's plan only works if there is online registration. No internet, no online registration. No system for online registration, then no online registration even if you have the internet.

So, no, all the evidence says that Sony is NOT planning to charge used games fees like the new Xbox One is going to do.

Eyeco3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I don't think people really understand the importance of used games, and how serious of an issue this is. There are many gamers that simply cannot afford to drop 60$ for a game, it hasn't really been a problem for me seeing as I've been employed for about 5 years now and I assume it's not really a problem for many people on this site assuming we can afford to spend that money, but we are a minority.

There are ten's of millions of gamers that rely on used games because they simply cannot afford to drop that 60$ for just one game every 1-2 months, especially kids. When I was kid allot of my games were used, spending £40 for 3-4 games was a viable option rather than spending it on one, reason's being I simply didn't have the money I was raised by a single parent, I didn't have any money I didn't have a job.

Allot of my friends that own 360's the vast majority of their game collection is used, with exception of the day 1 Halo/ Gears and COD, and they feel burned by this decision. This is putting a choke hold on low income/ unemployed gamers, as well as younger gamers, and I hope Sony abandon's this idea.

MikeMyers3473d ago

It would have been a perfect opportunity for Sony to come out looking like saints but instead they don't say much at all. I wonder why?

andibandit3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

If sony isnt deploying drm, why dont they go public and bury M$ before E3 has even started.

Outside_ofthe_Box3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


Is it really about burying MS or looking like saints? If you think that truly is the case, if there's still a chance that MS could scrap their anti-used game policy out the window, wouldn't it be better to wait until MS explicitly state that they have a used game fee or some sort of restrict and then come out and say "We Are Not Blocking Used Games"? Just a thought.

All I know is that now that several staff at Sony have acknowledged the "No DRM" campaign, Sony coming out saying that they are blocking used games after this acknowledgment would be huge slap in the face to gamers.

Anon19743473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

You hit it right on the nose. Sony's come out again and again saying they're not building in restrictions that would prevent used games. There's no confusion. We've had a lineup of Sony execs who have all confirmed the same thing.

As for general DRM, again...there's no confusion there. That's up to the developers and publishers. If they want to institute some sort of online pass, just like before...that's on them.

I don't understand why people are questioning that like Sony's left some sort of grey area. Sony's already said that, if you want, the PS4 never has to be connected to the internet. They couldn't have been more clear.

Of course, look who's asking the question. If you haven't been around the site long, even a cursory glance a few weeks ago at guy's like MikeMyers, JokesOnYou, EvilDead360's comment history will reveal why they're trying to muddy the waters. Go easy on them. It's probably been a pretty rough week.

MikeMyers3473d ago

"I don't understand why people are questioning that like Sony's left some sort of grey area. Sony's already said that, if you want, the PS4 never has to be connected to the internet. They couldn't have been more clear."

Really? So these people who actually work in the industry that ask these sorts of questions like Adam Sessler and Geoff Keighly are just teasing us, that they really do know? Is that why on the latest Bonus they brought it up, just for the hell of it? Is that why Sessler said it multiple times on his Google chat last week just to generate attention?

Yeah, ok. I hope you're right but it hasn't been finalized. Sony are also working on the details as we speak.

rainslacker3473d ago

That's the thing though. They are not outright removing the 2nd hand sale of games. According to reports they are going to facilitate that sale, which is a secondary problem to this whole thing, because it basically keeps the control with them. Not really sure how the laws in the UK work, but software is sold by license in the US, so it's not illegal to block 2nd hand sale, as the license is always the property of the copyright holder. The copyright holder just grants you the rights to use the content attached to that license. I don't agree with it, but that's how it is. The courts in the US haven't made any real judgements which would have settled this, so now we have to deal with it.

MikeMyers3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Both Sony and Microsoft have said on record they will support used games. The trouble is we don't know how restrictive those used games will be.

I personally believe a bunch of high profile publishers gathered together to come up with some sort of plan. They have now seen that the online pass hasn't worked as well as had hoped or it was just the beginning of something more.

Piracy played a larger role on the Xbox 360 than the PS3. We have also seen games be released before their due date, both the retail end and on torrent sites. We have also heard the cries from publishers about used games and how they don't receive income from it. So what has to give? How do you correct all those issues while still giving concern to the consumer? Sony adopted online passes, why? Why would Microsoft control used games even though they didn't have online passes but Sony won't? There is definitely something going on behind the scenes which is why we aren't getting all the answers yet. EA is a huge publisher who already forced Microsoft's hand when Xbox Live came out. They wanted control of their own games and ran their own servers. Notice how EA games have their own sign-in process? That way they can take down old servers without MS's involvement.

Sony could be taking every opportunity now to say our own titles will not be restrictive in any way. That would take all the heat off of them and the emphasis would turn to Microsoft and the publishers who adopt controlling used games. Sony isn't doing that. All they are saying is they are listening. Also remember, Gamestop could be involved in this process too.

It is very political because these companies still rely on retailers. So they also don't want to undercut their prices. They also have to take a percentage of revenue from each software sold. Steam has no middleman, it's just them and the publisher isn't it? Consumers also pay a royalty too don't they on console games?

It's a bad business model to begin with the way consoles are now.

nosferatuzodd3473d ago

Zodd the immortal love you man no not in that way but still
You hit the nail on the head.
Well said. Bubble

CalvinKlein3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Geez, videogames are probably the only industry where 3 other cooperations will get a part of the money if I sell the object I already paid for when they dont do anything to deserve that money. People hate on gamestop but at least they deserve the money as they are actually in the business and put up tons of money to buy games and give credit with no guarantee that those games wont just sit on shelvs and loose value. WHy do people think its such a rip off? Because their prices are what they need to charge to be successful in the used games business on such a level. If its so easy why does every place besides GS fail at it?

NOw console makers, publishers, and developers think they are better than every other industry in the GD world and that they deserve money for used sales without being in the business of buying and selling the used things themselves.

I bought a used honda, honda got no money from me. Buy a used CD and thy record company doesnt get more money. Sell my couch, lay z boy doesnt disable the recliner function until the new owner pays them a recliner action fee.

Pretty clear that MS forgot how hard selling a console can be. Im hoping that sony knows and seizes their chance to dominate again by not having used restrictions.

Publishers can suck it too. Id love for sony not to have a restriction because then PS4 will DOMINATE like PS2 and the sorry publishers will have to flock to the restriction free PS4 if they want their games to sell in the first place. They seem to be ignorant to the fact that gamestop credit or cash from online sales can often go toward alot of new games. And now they are gonna be ignorant and try to front like they wont support the DRM less console. Sorry once DRMBOX flops in sales you wont have a choice.

Publishers dont need to worry about used sales on a flop of a console that cant sell hardware or new software to begin with. Thats what xbox-1 will be is sony has no restrictions on used games(10$ online pass is normal tho).

Honestly xbox-1 will probably fail anyways even if sony does a similar thing with used games because it has alot of worse stuff to like once a day check in, mandatory kinnect, and most importantly for me, weaker hardware.

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Conzul3474d ago

Yup. Funny how the masses think they're powerless...until they actually get up and try something.

This here's an example of dat good 'ol affirmative action.

Robtherobot20133474d ago

I know no one cares but can you please also support #XboxOneusedgames #XboxOneNoDRM

kneon3474d ago

Everyone should care, because if Microsoft do it and are successful in spite of that then there is no reason for other companies not to follow along.

Martywren3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I agree with u, instead of some people bashing Xboxone they should boycott MS support Xboxone DRM and charge fee for second hand used games

MakiSaad23473d ago

I left the top comment on the xbox reveal video on youtube stating "no used games fees and DRM thumps up so microsoft can see " and i got around 2k thumps up but guess what they turned off the comment on the video, so yeah microsoft turned a blind eye on their loyal fans

waltercross3473d ago

I'll support #XboxOneusedgames #XboxOneNoDRM.

irepbtown3473d ago

If we can get Sony to announce that used games will be playable on PS4 and no DRM, then Microsoft may follow.

However in the meantime, I too will support #XboxOneUsedGames #XboxOneNoDRM

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I did my part!!!

This is great!! Now I know how pc gamers feel!

Omar913474d ago


Can you imagine the amount of applause if and when sony does announce this at E3? I'm sure there will be people standing up and cheering. lol

irepbtown3473d ago

I will be standing up and cheering... in my house.

Omar913473d ago

Do you find yourself clapping every time the audience claps and when you see something you like at the conferences? lol I do that all the time.

Gardenia3474d ago

Why are they all use the word "passion"? Pre-arranged maybe?

Veneno3473d ago

I would rather hear "gamer passion" than " tv tv tv tv tv sportz sportz sportz sportz sportz call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty" repeated.

Rainstorm813474d ago

Time to get it going through Instagram as well....#PS4noDRM

3473d ago
ssj273473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

what about online pass? PS4 should not have online pass
and release day dlc should be free to all.. if it was ready for day one it should be free..

you guys allow it and it's not right..

if a game is sold, it did its job.. who play it, does not meter.. it was sold at the original retail price and that is what meters.
if you can't understand how creed and evil this it, then you guys do not deserve anything.. and can't complain of #usedgames or any other similar b/s ..

and how about we start having right on returning whatever we buy even if is a dlc or a digital game, or a brand new sealed game?
such a right is in everything, even food could be returned ...
(i will not even mind paying a fee for opening the seal, which should be a $5 or $10 fee.. for taking it value off not been brand new any more, which is a stupid silly value that only nerds care)

and how about instead of wasting time in this bs.. you guys take few seconds and sing in this petition, about the control o our food system that the monsanto has on us, poison in us.. through our food and using vaccines to reduce and kill the population ..

here is the link
please sing, there is already 2millions sings for it and so far is the biggest petition made... be part of it! for a better future..

Narutone663473d ago

That's not up to Sony, EA did that and that's out of Sony's hand. The only thing is to not buy from developers and publishers who make use of draconian DRM. Copy protection for a game disc is also a form of DRM, but that's acceptable.

irepbtown3473d ago

This is a gaming site...

3473d ago
3-4-53473d ago

Used games are important to me as a gamer. I don't always have the money or time to play every new game out there.

More importantly, I'm not always "into" a certain type of game and maybe 2 years from now I realize I now love a certain genre which I never played before.

Because of used games, I can go pick up 2-4 of those games for a cheaper price and also I know they will be available to me years into the future.

That is why I actually like Gamestop, I wouldn't be able to find all these obscure DS/PSP games anywhere else 6-7 years after release.

Because some of these were only $5-15 I took a chance I might not have otherwise taken and was turned onto some cool games that I'm now a fan of.

Now that I'm a fan, that dev will now have my support in the future because I'm familiar and a fan of their games.

If we don't have used games this gen, then expect to pay $50-60 for games 5-6 years after they are released.

cedaridge3473d ago

PS4 just keep getting better. PSN: cedaridge

titletownrelo3473d ago

this has been a chaotic week for Microsoft, they probably want to disconnect from the media for a day or two...oh wait.

titletownrelo3473d ago

not completely confirmed but still funny as hell.

farhad2k83473d ago

I'm all FOR this, it's great seeing the community work so close together.
However, the whole online DRM thing.. Sony have already said that you can use the console offline, so as long as you don't have it connected to the internet, doesn't that mean you can play used games? Just a thought, but I think it's not Sony's choice to allow used games, it's the developers. Sadly, if the developers DO use some sort of authentication fee for used games, Sony will probably still get the blame, I just hope that doesn't happen and people can see through it.

#PS4UsedGames #PS4NoDRM

ijust2good3473d ago

Sony already have said that it would be up to the publishers and devs to have DRM and second hand block. Sony will not force it.

I'm more concerned at charging to play online at this point.

rainslacker3473d ago

Even though Sony said nothing about the issue, the fact that they acknowledged it and said they're listening still puts them ahead of MS.

So this may be a dumb question, but why hasn't anyone started one of these for MS as well?

Ingram3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Because strangely enough, most xbox fans chose to feel grateful and hopeful instead of feeling the urge to fight for their rights.

No, really, they're justifying MS. We should stand our ground united and tell both companies about our stances on DRM and not wanting to use a leash, yet...

TwistedMetal3473d ago

we must all unite under sony to stop the xbox one its our only hope for freeedddddommmmmmmm!!!!!

showtimefolks3473d ago

atleast someone is actually listening to their core fan base

redcar1213473d ago

sony will have drm deal with it

redcar1213473d ago

sony will have drm deal with it fan boys

negative3473d ago

God damn there are a lot of losers on this site.

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Shadonic3474d ago

Sony is awesome if they listen.

duli143474d ago

Ok I'm off to open a twitter account....

SniperControl3474d ago

Just opened a twitter account for this only.

Ilovetheps53474d ago

I would open up a Twitter account for this, but I wouldn't know how to use it if I did make one.

duli143474d ago

just did it