Darkzero: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Devil May Cry 4 despite its best efforts is still a puritan affair. There are many flaws that will put off newcomers, but for those who can tolerate those flaws there is an addictive, enjoyable and rewarding game just waiting to be played. This isn't so much attributed to the efforts of the hard working people at Capcom who seem to be intent on making the game worse (combat system aside), but more a testament to the excellent game design that was envisioned all those years ago.

Some complain about the rubbish puzzles or the irritating jumping sections and they are right to complain, while few and far between they really deteriorate from the enjoyment. These alongside the fixed camera angles are recurring complaints throughout the series that Capcom has unceremoniously ignored. Devil May Cry 4 shows that the old design is in need of an update, not an overhaul, just an update. All it takes is for Capcom to listen.

And for god sake stop making us fight the bosses again and again.

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