Additional Killzone Shadow Fall "B-roll" Footage

Sony has released some additional "B-roll" footage for Killzone Shadow Fall this morning, so check out that footage below. The game is due out this Holiday for the PlayStation 4.​

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Sandmano2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

My most anticipated PS4 game. The hiccups that occurred from the first video when the soldier was going down the stairs seem to be gone.

DoomeDx2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Hmm hiccups? Which?

On topic: This is the same footage as a few months ago.

NewMonday2501d ago

NPC animations look better, my biggest sticking point from the original video

DeadlyFire2501d ago

SAME video. Nothing is upgraded. There were a couple of videos released when Shadow Fall was demoed with couple of playthroughs of the same demo.

Nothing new.

Tibasco2501d ago

Not quite the same footage. Different players for sure. This is from the live PS4 demo.

In the "B-Roll" footage whoever was playing was better than the guy from the live demo. He killed more ppl and used the slow mo ability more. He melee killed a guy by snapping his neck. Towards the end he killed the guy trying to get away who was leaping into the aircraft.

Something I notice in the live demo was that there was this one civilian that took off running right before the explosion went off. I thought that was pretty funny and realistic.

ZodTheRipper2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

This looks so amazing, I watchted it 2x in february and watching it again blew me away just like the first time. The combat music is so intense, the city looks incredible and the gameplay looks just like it should. Even the introduction is done very well (I'd call it "sober", not over-the-top but still interesting). Can't wait to play this on launch day!

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2501d ago

infamous is my #1 but this looks cool!

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Enemy2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Playing this on my TV is going to melt my face clean off. Beautiful stuff, and the guns sound like music to my ears. Place looks like a kingdom.

Virus2012501d ago

This game looks amazing. It's definitely one of THE next gen games to look out for. I just wish I could play this with an Xbox One controller (I like the offset analog sticks for FPS). :( But I'm still getting a PS4.

metsgaming2501d ago

third party controllers will have versions with the offset analog sticks.

sigfredod2501d ago

This game looks so great at this early stage, unlike other first generation launch games, the weapon from the ISA looks bad ass, cool multipurpose switching from the holo aim to the scoope, auto extend barrel to switch from assault to sniper rifle, just amazing, seems to use some kind of electromagnetic energy to shoot the bullets no powder flash

MattyG2501d ago

Apparently we play as the VSA now, probably since it takes place on Vekta.

sigfredod2501d ago

and the NPC on the gameplay is so busted at the end lol, i will love to see how will get away from the 3 drones and the 4 dropships without help jejeje

ssj272501d ago

actually the main character role is to keep peace between the two..
and those where just border patrol .. they are not actually going to attack him .. plus I bet it was intend to be like that to show the conflict and the tension ..

Icarus_High2501d ago

It's a variable rail gun also what is with the split of vekta city, is the other side a refugee city for Helghans? I am considering it since every street is colored like the red light district.

Belking2501d ago

Game looks good but my PC games looked like that back in 2007. This is the same footage from Feb.

Conzul2501d ago ShowReplies(2)
flipflopfacts2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

when is the last time you've seen ray tracing in a mainstream game. Or do you mean that fake ass building refection in Crysis 2?

Edit: here you go


Wow this is clearly proves that KZ SF is the first game to use REAL realtime ray-tracing based reflections and lighting and a great argument to the PC stubborn extremists who always throw the Crysis 2 nonsense. Well said !

ssj272501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

few weeks ago you will be banned for saying this kind of true with facts.. I love how things have change around here!

love how the kzsf tech demos pop out the web and shut op the haters haha they got KILLZONED doing it with stile sine 2006

KILLZONE SF will be the first game using real time raytrace tech.. and the game will run on modern graphics, sounds kilometers of environments in real time 1080p at solid 30fps and PC gamers dare to say PS4 is a 2007 PC HA

show me a 2013 PC running a game like KILLZONE.. I will even let you run COD G with all those features and see if you PC can handle it hahaha.. you know it will fail and go down to 10pfs at lower res.
the ray trace feature will melt your pc card.. and you know it..

but true.. PC soon will get there and pass it.. but stop taking bs pleaseeee

DigitalAnalog2501d ago

LOL, as a PC gamer I laugh at those who feel that 2007 tech that heavily rely on post-processing effects and high-resolution masking as "next-gen" feel is embarrassing.

The moment a true next-gen game built on the PC from the ground up is going to make your statement pretty damn pretentious.

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