12 amazing games that no one bought

Now and again a fantastic game ends up shifting miniscule amounts of copies, despite everything being in its favour. Sometimes it's down to bad marketing, other times the fact that gamers just weren't ready for what was on offer; sometimes it's just that it's horribly misunderstood. You may not have heard of every game here, but they all have one thing in common: they're brilliant.

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Godmars2903471d ago

Why do we repeatedly get list like this which include games that just weren't that well received and reported to have major issues like Alpha Protocol and Enslaved?

SexyGamerDude3471d ago

Yeah, Alpha Protocol was horrible. But hey, at least it wasn't Mind Jack horrible.

zeal0us3471d ago

Alpha Protocol was actually good but not great.
If Obsidian had tested the game for bugs and fix the combat, it would have been a great game.

My only problems with the game when I played that annoyed me were sub machine guns were automatically dual wield, sniper rifles couldn't be used like other weapons(only could be purchase for certain stages) and the combat felt cheap.

guitarded773471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Neither Alpha Protocol or Enslaved were "amazing". AP had funding misappropriated and the game was built on a broken budget. The game had potential, but was not finished. Enslaved was another game from what I consider the most overrated and self absorbed developers of all time... Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory like to blame gamers for their failures.

ZodTheRipper3471d ago

^Didn't play Alpha Protocol but I can only agree on Enslaved. It was okay but it wasn't the great game I had hoped it to be.

MysticStrummer3471d ago

I got Alpha Protocol for less than $10 and really enjoyed it, but I'm sure that low price was a factor.

It makes me sad that Freedom Fighters is on a list like this. It was one of my favorite PS2 games and I was really hoping for a PS3/360 sequel. Same with Beyond Good and Evil.

I'm not sad to see Enslaved on this list. I'm confused. It wasn't amazing. I did like it ok though.

Yi-Long3470d ago

... that is SO underrated, in terms of sales and people who know about it, that it often goes missing on lists like these...

... despite being one of the very best and most original puzzle-games ever, with gorgeous graphics and nice music to boot, a great price, and some fantastic avatar-awards....


Brilliant game. Hardly anyone seems to know about it, but mostly loved and adored by those who do.

Bimkoblerutso3470d ago

Well, I actually liked Enslaved very much, but I couldn't in all good conscience label it "amazing." There was just too much wrong with it. I loved the two main characters (give Andy Serkis another game to write for, for God's sake), but there was something wrong with just about every other category in that game.

hay3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Alpha Protocol was pretty amazing IMO, but saying it lacked polish is severe understatement... One had to ignore jerky animations, mediocre visuals and far from fluid gameplay to appreciate strong elements, which game had too.

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Tzuno3471d ago

Enslaved is a very good game that delivers when you play it not when watching reviews.

Godmars2903471d ago

It wasn't a bad game, just "okay".

I played the demo.

chazjamie3471d ago

enslaved was so damn tedious and boring. i dont see the hype behind that game.

McGamer3471d ago

I agree. I enjoyed Enslaved and was glad for the original story angle based off of an actual literary piece.

But of course, many gamers are too impatient to actually enjoy something based off of something real.

jc485733470d ago

I actually own Enslaved. Got the "special" edition for 40 dollars on release (don't ask me how). If you want my honest opinion, I think the game is good for the price I paid for. Ok, it's important to note that the lead director for Enslaved is currently the lead director for tada "The Last of Us." Do you see the similarities between the two games?

Persistantthug3470d ago

It holds an 82 on Metacritic.....

That's actually still a good score.

greatcrusader443470d ago

Enslaved had a good story and atmosphere, very repetitive combat.

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Tapewurm3470d ago

I enjoyed Enslaved quite a would have been better if they had stuck with the solo platform and followed with a modification of the engine used in Heavenly Sword (multiplat ruined it).... (I actually really liked both of these games)...Ninja Theory just needed to be less whiney about sales and stuff....PS3's early days were tough on a lot of companies.

zlpw0ker3470d ago

I bought enslaved at launch,that and cvlos.But its so much issues with enslaved.first off no one wants to do play a escort game,its the same with knights contract,I hate the escort misssions,and they decide to do this the entire game.second is the bad gameplay,its so repetitve combat,only 3-4 combos availiable and thats really bad.3rd is that its to much shooting with the staff,but I guess they kinda had to somehow.and i could care less for story,I mostly dont play games for story,its the combat and thats why it failed.
NT did a great job HS,but thats it.

Tapewurm3469d ago

Once you unlocked your abilities and upgrades the combos were pretty sweet if I recall correctly. Also, The escorting her around was just there so you couldn't mindlessly go smashing through each had to take care of her. Added a bit of strategy actually. And the additional Pigsy Perfect 10 DLC was a nice change too. I know not everyone likes the same type of stuff, but I thought it was pretty sweet.

TwistedMetal3470d ago

some games people didnt know about and they all did not get bought though like the title says.

freedom fighters should of been bought because it is a really really awesome game. i was blown away by it on ps2. how in the world didnt that game sale million upon millions. that game should of went on to have sequals on th ps3 and xbox 360. the gameplay was so good.

Spenok3470d ago

What does it say about you when you have bought and played 8 out of the 10 games on that list?

I still own them all too >_>

SilentNegotiator3470d ago

Because people still have to push their opinion of games that they liked (that got iffy ratings, were known to have issues, etc) even when the game is old.

And people with fond memories are more likely to respond to something regarding the game years down the line, validating their opinions.

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chuckyj13470d ago

Enslaved was a pretty cool game. I would recommend it, but I don't know I'd say it's a must play through... But, if you have the time and $10 it's a very solid game I thought.

solar3470d ago

thank god my launch 60gb ps3 still works, im gonna play some Okami after seeing it on the list :D

admiralvic3470d ago

Why does your launch PS3 matter? The game was rereleased in HD and was free with Plus in Europe.

Syntax-Error3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Enslaved did not have major issues. It was actually a very good game made by Ninja Theory. The voice acting was also very good. One game that should've been on there is Spec Ops:The Line. That game was awesome. The concept and the twist ending was great.


booni33470d ago

Okami was very well received, what are you talking about?

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ShugaCane3471d ago

I'm always shocked to read that BG&E was a commercial failure. The game gathers all the elements required to make a good game. It's a perfectly crafted and unique experience. And it suits all audiences. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the sequel !

Pintheshadows3471d ago

It is the same story with Psychonauts in fairness.

Spenok3470d ago

The main reason this game failed commercially is because its horrible time of release. It had very little marketing, and was released the same day as Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. As well as the same week as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Mario Party 5.

Unfortunately this game was sent to die :(

Lord_Sloth3471d ago

Resonance of Fate should have been on that list.

I have Godhand and Alpha Protocol and loved both of them. Godhand was too hard for me though. XXXP

Pozzle3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Poor Resonance of Fate. It's one of my favorite JRPGs of this generation, yet it never had a chance of selling well because Sega released it in the same week as FFXIII. :(

despair3471d ago

yea sega are dumb when it comes to release dates.

jc485733470d ago

Godhand wasn't really that hard.

despair3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Funny thing is I bought all of those except The Last Express and God Hand.

Did get Alpha Protocol for 10 bucks though, worth it somewhat at that price, needed another year to make it an amazing game, wasted potential.

Venoxn4g3471d ago

too bad u didnt buy god hand, just amazing game

Ilovetheps53471d ago

I think that Spec Ops: The Line was not played by enough people. I myself didn't buy it until it came out on PS+. That game is one of my favorite games of the generation.

Another great game was Kingdoms of Amalur. This is another game that I wish more people would have bought. It sold decent for a new IP though. Sadly, we won't be getting a sequel. I thought it was a brilliant RPG. I just wish the story was a little better.

MasterOfThe12Blades3470d ago

Spec ops was awesome. Played through the campaign three times...definitely one of my fav games this gen!

Mister_Kingdom3470d ago

yeah spec ops is really good. i'm going through it again now.