Comparing Mass Effect's Mako and Star Fox 64's Landmaster

CDG: "Yes...yes. I know. You just bought a new car, and the mileage sucks. There are soo many alien and archaic worlds to explore however. Luckily, Slippy Toad; Peppy Hare; and Falco Lombard have your tail. As Fox Mcloud, you commandeer the Landmaster Tank. "

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iRocket2504d ago

Ahh, the freaking Mako... All the adventures we had together. But now it's final resting place is at the crash site of the Normandy. Rest in peace, you clumsy piece of awesomeness.

tigertron2504d ago

Bioware were fools to get rid of it.

birdykilla2504d ago

Wasn't getting rid of the mako praised? I for one thought it was a good escape from all the third person shooting. Then they cut it in game 2 and 3. All I heard was thank god they cut the god awful mako. As I was silently shedding a tear. The first Mass Effect is still the best imo.

e-p-ayeaH2504d ago

mass effect 1 is the only game in the series that i actually find it appeling.

birdykilla2504d ago

Mass Effects soundtrack was a cut above the rest too imo.

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