It's Over: Bioshock Infinite Is Already the 2013 Game of the Year

The 2013 Game of the Year competition, even before the release of games like The Last of Us and Watch Dogs, is over as of March 26, 2013. That was the day that Bioshock Infinite released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. That game achieved a height no other game this year has the potential to realize. Other games that want awards better hold out until 2014.

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Irishguy953471d ago

The most ambitious game of the year

Kanzes3471d ago

True, it takes so much time to develop this game. But still, it's too early to say this game is Game of the Year... this year isn't over yet, there's still GTA V, Tlou, Beyond, and Watch Dogs

mtorino3471d ago

I really disliked GTA IV, so I'll take a wait and see on that one. If it's more like SA and VC than GTA IV, I'll believe again

MariaHelFutura3471d ago

Just based off looks and what I've read GTA V sounds nothing like GTA IV.

omi25p3471d ago

GTA IV was incredible.

SolidStoner3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

this early talking about game of a year is crazy...

and we all see what hype GTA5 have, and based on what we know about it, we should be.. :)
I put my bet on that one!

But if GT6 comes out this year (I would love to see it as GOTY, but its not going to happen!)

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FamilyGuy3471d ago

This is stupid, I'm not even gonna bother reading this. There are a lot of games still coming out this year :/

Mounce3470d ago

Seems no one is expecting The Last of Us to just come right up and steal it away?...

In Naughty Dog people should trust.

DigitalAnalog3471d ago

Already judging future games before they are released and then suddenly jumps on TLOU simply because of Uncharted. Jesus, on top of that isn't N4G prohibiting sites that does not have "official" site domains?

Prcko3471d ago

hmm,we need to w8 for last of us and gta V

yugovega3471d ago

hmmm so this game beats out a 3d Mario and gtav? and before the disagrees the past 2 3d Mario games on consoles have had the highest review scores of all games of the generation, and gta is always a contender and after what r* did with red dead, gtav has the chance of being the best gta yet.

Neonridr3471d ago

assuming Nintendo doesn't f*** things up royally, the next 3D Mario is almost an automatic GOTY consideration, just like every Legend of Zelda game. Who knows, even the Wind Waker remake could be a contender since Wind Waker was one of the most underrated Zelda games due to its drastic departure from the infamous "Spaceworld" demo.

While I stand behind Bioshock Infinite and think it's a fantastic game, we still have to wait for the big games from each of the studios that will release later this year before we can crown Bioshock victorious.

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The story is too old to be commented.