Feature: Xbox One - The One for You?

PlayDevil has posted a feature preview of Microsofts' new console, the Xbox One.

Here's more:

"What Sony did show though was actual gameplay- and whilst the press had been warned not to expect much at the One reveal, I think even the most conservative estimates thought that we would have seen more than ended up being shown. I know Microsoft want to save some surprises for E3, but frankly a quick 2 minute teaser/ montage of gameplay, or even more trailers would have whet appetites and negated a lot of the criticism that has come Microsoft’s way since."

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ltachiUchiha2508d ago

If they didnt talk about tv for so long & actually showed more exclusives & not try & restrict gamers & give us extra fees, they wouldve did well but they didnt so they now are the bad guys of video games.