Linux: Wine 1.0 Nearly Ready to Taste

Four Windows apps will run under Linux with the upcoming debut of the open source project Wine.

Developers of Wine, the most widely used software for running Windows applications on Linux, have announced the upcoming release of Wine 1.0 -- scheduled for June 6, the 15th anniversary of the commencement of the project.

Given the project's limited resources, developers have proposed modest criteria for the 1.0 release, attempting to ensure that just four key applications work in top form: Photoshop CS2, Powerpoint Viewer 97 and 2003, Word Viewer 97 and 2003 and Excel Viewer 97 and 2003.

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crazy250003865d ago

I use it to run Counter Strike mostly. I hope they can run virtually all the good programs on Windows.

Kakkoii3865d ago

Or you know.... You could just add a partition for Windows XP and run ANY windows XP application lol.

Why would a person install Linux if they want to use Windows Programs?

I'm confused to why someone would even want to be on Linux. Would you explain why you use linux?

crazy250003865d ago

Originally I had Windows Vista. When it was idle, Vista consumed 1gig of ram, I couldn't figure out why though. There was no extra software running and nothing installed. Windows was killing me, especially with startup and shutdown times, at least 15-20 minutes each. So I installed Ubuntu and on idle it used only about 80mb of ram, with running Counter Strike Source it ran about 250mb of ram. Its much more efficient and uses less resources so thats why I switched.