ChristCenteredGamer Moses Escape from Egypt review

Moses Escape from Egypt sells for $4. Be warned that this game can be beaten in an hour or less with little replay value. There is some room for improvement and I gave the developer a few suggestions. We honestly can’t say with certainty if this game will be updated or not. It’s a good start and we hope to see more from Saint Games.

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ltachiUchiha2500d ago

$4 is a good price but 1 hour of gameplay kinda is a turn off.

Veneno2499d ago

I really like the idea of games as education. It really needs to make its way to the home and portable consoles. For instance, I would love to see a language teaching game, let's say French, where you explore an open world Paris and it teaches you how to speak French through "missions" like helping people in the city and such.

ltachiUchiha2500d ago

I have to check it though before i can judge it.

ccgr2500d ago

I doubt there's a demo but I think most demos are longer than the entire game.