Could The PS4 Spell Disaster For The PS1?

CenturyGaming UK writes:

"Expected later this year, Sony's upcoming powerhouse of a console - the PS4 - reinvents the traditional perspective upon console gaming through the introduction of revolutionary remote play features in which players can watch or take over a friend's Playstation 4. However, the unconfirmed PS1 backwards compatibility may introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the original Playstation's era of games if all turns out as expected. Right now Sony have the power to revive a goldmine of games on their last breaths, or add dirt to the hole in which they lie...."

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ltachiUchiha2502d ago

Disaster to my wallet when I buy this and 6 of the launch games. =]

Irishguy952502d ago

Hmm, there are perfectly working emulators on PC now for PS1 and PS2...Why not try them out with the power behind the Ps4, it should be capable of PS2.

ltachiUchiha2502d ago

Cost factor is prolly the reason but I say they can try it through updates or so.

Bakkies2502d ago

Some PS3 models, like the 80GB Metal Gear Solid PS3, emulated PS2 games. Sony did hire ex-Bleem! members after the lawsuit to work on emulation long ago.

Yet Sony removed emulation and "other OS", since it allows easy access to the PS3's hardware, potentially bypassing standard PS3 security.

I would love to see emulation make a comeback though, hopefully not exclusively through Gaikai.

Outside_ofthe_Box2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

PC and PS4 are two different machines. It's not as straight forward as putting the PC's emulators into the PS4. Remember how long it took for the Vita to get PS1 games? Expect it to take longer than that for PS1 games to come to the PS4 and even longer for PS2 games if Sony is even considering emulation at all...

rainslacker2501d ago

You're on point. Emulators aren't as easy to make as some make them out to be. However given the specs of the PS4, there is nothing to say that it doesn't have the power to handle PS1/PS2 emulation, because a lower spec PC of today can already do it. On PC it's done through OS level API's that have a lot of overhead, whereas a console version can use the hardware itself being faster and more efficient.

I hope at least PS1/2 emulation comes through software. I have a lot of those games, but since I have a full BC PS3, it's not a major concern of mine. I wouldn't doubt that PS1 emulation comes, given how much they make off PS1 classics.

-Gespenst-2502d ago

Yeah I really hope these new generations don't eclipse the PsOne and other consoles before it, as well shortly after it. So many great games- many better than a lot of the tat these days.

BlmThug2502d ago

Crash Bandicoot is better than 99% of the games out this gen

Azurite2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I'd be surprised if they didn't continue to sell old games for the PS4 (sooner or later).

And this time I hope they make 60Hz standard on them, we shouldn't have to suffer through the same choices from ages past.

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The story is too old to be commented.