Sony gives Minecraft developer a golden PSOne as VIP invitation to E3

Sony has sent Minecraft developer Markus "Notch" Persson a golden PSOne as VIP invitation to an E3 event.

They also sent him an original copy of Dungeon Master 2 they had lying around.
Could this mean that Minecraft will be coming to the PlayStation brand?

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izumo_lee2502d ago

Wow! Sony going all out to entice developers to Playstation.

Btw the PSone still looks amazing after all these years.

PSOne > XboxOne

PSVita2502d ago

Sonys marketing team is amazing even me!

abzdine2502d ago

that's for sure buddy! Sony's E3 conference is gonna ftw this year

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

"Sonys marketing team is amazing even me!"

They used to market halo, gears & google chrome.

So the #! and #2 xbox games and the #1 browser.
Yeah they are good team.

They know what they are doing.

I want pc/ps4 cross gameplay!!

JoySticksFTW2502d ago

dat marketing

@ PSVita

"Sonys marketing team is amazing even me!"

Dude, tell them to start working on you next.

WalterWJR2502d ago

Pc/ps4 gameplay is not going to happen. The mouse has to much of an advantage in certain games.

ShoryuSwordsman2502d ago

yea, this marketing team is the best thing that happened to Sony since Kevin Butler lol


don't be so sure, I'm fairly certain the PS4's new touchpad can easily function as a mouse, and don't be surprised if a Pc game comes out on the ps4 and the touchpad is an option over the right stick for camera control, or even just for those quick 180 degree turns can use a quick swipe. Now I know I'm just imagining here, but I feel like this may be a strong application for the touchpad.

jeromeface2502d ago

I'm sure its real hard to add mouse capability to the ps4. It's blown my mind that it hasn't been added to the ps2 and 3... considering the USB ports.

andrewsqual2502d ago

@WalterWJR They already did it with PC/PS3 with Portal 2 and it was incredible. With PS4 it would be easily possible.

sikbeta2502d ago Show
WalterWJR2502d ago

You can't play ps3 with a mouse and a keyboard because it is equivalent to cheating. It's just logic that a mouse is so much more accurate when playing shooting games, the opposite is true for driving games where they are better for a pad.

SlyFoxC2502d ago


the ps3 does have mouse and keyboard support....

psyxon2502d ago

Um, the ps3 does have mouse compatibility., and even keyboard compatibility. It's up to developers to choose to allow those inputs for their games. They choose not to do it on consoles. Why? Because they're consoles.

omi25p2502d ago

Surprising, This generation they have failed to advertise the majority of they're games.

JoySticksFTW2502d ago

@ omi25p

recent marketing team change

PLASTICA-MAN2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Does this golden PS One play games or it is just a golden item ?

PSVita2502d ago

@plastica- I doubt it works because they didnt send it with cables but it did include a game, so who knows.

AliTheSnake12502d ago

@sikbeta I'm pretty sure bribing is how Microsoft got the 3 years old pc game on their xbox in the first place. And kept it there for a year.

dudeOplenty2502d ago

PS3 already supports mouse/kb. Unreal 3 and CS:GO to name a couple. Cross platform is possible as shown by unreal 3(if i'm not mistaken) and portal 2. they took it out of CS:GO though, which it was originally touted as having.

it's definitely possible, and, hopefully, with the obvious spec upgrades that comes from the next generation of consoles, this will hopefully be more common place.

Utalkin2me2502d ago


I played Unreal On the PS3 with a mouse and keyboard.

BattleAxe2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Wow, I am really loving what Sony is up to these days. Great to see them reach out to developers at all levels, and that gold PS One is awesome!

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StraightPath2502d ago

I always wanted a black psone! just a small and amazing looking console.

DonFreezer2502d ago

WOW Sony brides developers and ps fanboys calling it great marketing .This is getting out of hand really.

yesmynameissumo2502d ago

Sony isn't making anyone their bride silly. They're a company, not a person.

Salooh2502d ago

This is a sign of respect. (bride) would be a car/money/house..etc Not an old ps one console lol

SexyGamerDude2502d ago

They didn't bribe him. If you go on his twitter you would see that he was already planning on going over to Sony.

waltercross2501d ago

LOL @ bride, I dunno if Markus in a dress will do anything for this Generation.

kenshiro1002501d ago

Lol, you trolls never cease to amaze me. The good Sony news is slowly killing you on the inside.

rainslacker2501d ago

Well...MS bribed with all those exclusive content deals and xbox fan boys called it great marketing...or we could call it what it is, business. A token of gratitude to show that they appreciate his efforts for the PS brand. Or better yet, just a cool way to send an invitation.

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MYSTERIO3602502d ago

I'm sure when he opens it up there will be a million dollar contract for him, ready to be signed on the dotted line.

kupomogli2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


Buy Unreal Tournament 3. It's one of the PS3 games that support mouse and keyboard. I know someone who plays Unreal 3 and UT 2004 with a controller and he's better than most players.


A gold PSone and a copy of Dungeon Keeper 2 is a custom invitation, like a card, not a bribe. The items are less than $200.

Horny2502d ago

I love dungeon keeper, I really wish 3 wasn't canceled

T22502d ago

ya i have a rocketfish bluetooth keyboard and mouse I used to use all the time for messaging, or surfing the web on my ps3.. works perfectly, although I did always wish there was some game support, especially for a RTS like Red Alert

fr0sty2502d ago

Back when I was into PC gaming, I played UT2004 with both a controller and a mouse. The controller was held in the left hand, using L1 for jump, L2 for crouch, L3 to enter/exit/use, the d-pad was mapped for other functions that I needed it for. the mouse handled aiming, shooting, alt-fire, and the scroll wheel switched weapons. I was able to murder everyone using that layout, as I had perfect analog control of all my vehicles and movement, and all the accuracy of a good mouse.

nosferatuzodd2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

sony and microsoft is in a rap battle, xbox one said>> sony you suck we have more money this is the year of the duck .

sony said my turn >>> sony said >>microsoft isn't it evil to live backwards check it out << live evil backwards 359 step backwards oh

Hard liquor, y’all full of DRM, remember
I tried to give Microsoft the large picture
Your Microsoft wasn’t no gamer, they're just another lost money grubber
You think it’s gangster to let a gamer love that TV more than their FPshooter
used the kineck camera to watch his son even around the corner?
Or leave your son out here alone to fend for himself, knowin that the kineck camera is government surveillance stalker,
Is your money being long worth your lifespan bein shorter? Huh? Microsoft

Reverent2502d ago

We appreciate what you're doing, but don't try so hard.

Sony, keep up the good work!

waltercross2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@ nosferatuzodd

"I Get it!, You are supporting sony, but this rap is kind of corny. We know that The Xbox One has all of that DRM crap and we all know that Microsoft needs a Real slap and at that Xbox One reveal we know that nobody really clapped, it was all fake and Microsoft is a snake!. I ain't paying a fee to register my used game that's kind of lame, Don't even get me started on that Eye and ears in the livingroom shit thats something I'm not wit.

Americans and gamers alike, wake the fuck up before you lose your rights, I think that the XBox one could be a nice Cable box but get real Microsoft, we are gamers at heart make the fuckin Real XBOX 3 and play your part."

Ok I went overboard LOL, it was fun though!.

Cryptcuzz2501d ago

LOL my man, that was awesome just for the sheer passion behind your intention. However, I literally had chills running down my spine while reading your piece there since it was oh so cheesy!

I'd give you props for that though, since I would imagine it takes serious balls to share something like that with everyone here.

I wish I got an invitation from Sony at all, let alone one this cool with a gold PSone. I wonder what would become of this friendly gesture...E3 2013 cannot come soon enough!!!

3-4-52502d ago

E3 This year is going to be amazing...finally! :

Nintendo - 3D Mario, Legend of Zelda U, LoZ WW HD, Mario Kart U, Super Smash Brothers U/3DS, Pikmin & Other games they said they will announce that we have yet to hear about.

Sony - We've seen the lineup they are promising and it looks good. Can't wait to see more information and gameplay and actually see the PS4.

Microsoft - They are promising 15 exclusive titles, 8 of them being brand new Ip's.

Regardless of their failed reveal, I'm a gamer and I'm still excited about the potential of those games.

They still have time to win people over, but it's not going to get any easier.

They may not think Nintendo is a competitor anymore but once they release their big games, all bets are off and it's fair game.

People are going to notice the 50+ games already available on Wii U + Virtual console, along with what Sony is offering and I'm sure people would be happy with either.

I'm a huge xbox fan( own OG+360) and the only thing that excites me about XB1 is:

* Controller, 8 new IP's,..........and that is about it.

2502d ago
HaVoK3082502d ago

Wow gold colored spray paint! A $10 console! Yes, they are going all-out!

The mentality of the fanboy will never cease to amaze and befuddle.

izumo_lee2502d ago

At least Sony is trying to make allies whereas Microsoft has given indie devs the cold shoulder.

Also the PSOne is a console Microsoft would dream of achieving the same success as. So yeah i rather have that gold painted PSOne than a XboxOne.

Blackdeath_6632501d ago

"The mentality of the fanboy will never cease to amaze and befuddle" Oh the irony...

waltercross2501d ago

@ HaVoK308

Come on man, don't bash on the classic. If it wasn't for the PSone there wouldn't even be an XBOX brand.

Cryptcuzz2501d ago


Why the hate man?

Ever heard of "It's the thought that counts..." ?

You think these multi-million dollar devs can easily be bribed? Put some thought into something with a touch of sentiment and it can go a long way.

Why don't you try it someday.

kenshiro1002501d ago

It's interesting how you just post one comment and then disappear.

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SideShort2501d ago

No doubt the Xbox One is not doing so hot right now, but the level of absolute bias mindsets on this site is getting ridiculous, if not ridiculous already. Probably going to get restricted from commenting for this, but I am not coming back to N4G until June. When you can ACTUALLY say what system is greater than the other.

MRMagoo1232501d ago

If MS dont change nearly everything they have planned Sony already has the better console, MS can have 140 new ips this year but it still wont be worth a damn with all the crap it has on it at mo. Sony on the other hand are doing it right and i have no doubt they are going to be putting on a show at E3 with no bad press involved.

SideShort2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@MRMagoo123 See, I would have to agree with you 1OO% there. Sony's console is simply way more appealing to me at this point, I'm just holding out hope MS can match your prediction of the show Sony will put on at E3. I wouldn't mind going back to Sony at all, as the PS1 and especially PS2 holds a special place to what I am assuming is the majority of us. Just announce Kingdom Hearts 3 and its PS4 all the way lol.

insomnium22501d ago


I don't think it's bias at all. If someone (anyone) pulls some BS moves on the gaming community they will get hate on them on a gaming website. It has zero to do with bias. People are just calling it as they see it.

MS is truly a parasite of this industry imo. No foundation at all. They just concentrate on making the moves that most likely makes them the most money. It doesn't matter who they have to trample on. Sony fans, Nintendo fans, their own fans it makes no difference.

No other company would've gotten away with such childish mentality other than MS in this USA centric industry. No other company would've gotten away with going for the core and then completely abandoning them mid flight. A truly disgusting parasite.

I'm happy if MS goes for the casual TV crowd. They can have it if they are gullible enough to bite. After the x360 trainwreck I think you would've struggled to gain sales with the core audience. I as sure as hell hope so.

Kevin ButIer2501d ago

*Saw golden PSOne


2501d ago
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OlgerO2502d ago

interesting, sony really seems to think that it can impress these developers by what they show at the e3 conference. This is going to be good!

SandWitch2502d ago

Minecraft on PlayStation confirmed?

sinncross2502d ago

Minecraft on PS3/ PS4 and PSV would be pretty neat.

Arai2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Looks like it, most likely we'll see him on stage at E3.

amiga-man2502d ago

Because of the ease of development for the PS4 bringing it to the new platform should be a piece of cake.

3-4-52502d ago

Minecraft + PS4 = graphical update mods considering PS4 is more computer like now, compared to 360.

waltercross2501d ago

Oh man I hope so, I have Minecraft for the PC, I'll get it for the PS4/PS3 to!.

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iRocket2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Only question, does it work?

andibandit2502d ago

Problably not meant be used since they didnt include the power cable (see tweet)

Aquarhane2502d ago Show