Xbox One and Playstation 4: Which Promises Will be Broken?

A look at some of the promises made in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 reveals. Microsoft and Sony are known for sometimes not being able to deliver on all promises, so which ones will be broken this time?

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in respect to the ps4, i worry about the proposal that ps3 games will be backwards compatible on just about every device you can think of. i cant even begin to imagine how that type of thing would be possible. definitely needs more clarification.

in respect to the xbone's promises, i wonder exactly how this cloud service they speak of is going to improve the graphical capabilities of the xbone games. i also question whether or not the used game policy will pan out the way were all thinking. and if in fact it does block used games and charge a fee, im extremely skeptical of MS continuing with that policy all throughout the gen. i foresee a monstrous backlash within the community which would force them to rethink that policy.

lowlight3471d ago

I agree, and it's weird to think that people with certain conditions will have better graphics than others with the same hardware... I really want to know more about how this works

ltachiUchiha3471d ago

Its really up to the 1st party studios of each corporate. They show what the hardware is really capable of. A good example is the last of us. Its the best looking console game to date & has the best AI in a video game to date aswell on any system. Thats impressive but when you have a great 1st party studio like naughty dog, then you will only see amazing things from them.

OC_MurphysLaw3471d ago

@XXDubStepXX... I think both points you raised draw the look of "oh really". For the PS3 games becoming backward compatible what frustrates me most on this is how Sony is positioning this. This clearly isnt making the games Backward Compatible...its just re-offering the Sony Library via Gaikai. I have ZERO doubts all PS3 games on the PS4 will be locked to some kind of pay wall and as many have said on all this cloud stuff...streaming of games works well when its ideal but it can be less that stellar when your connect hiccups or slows down, etc...

Xbox Cloud... it is hard to believe that they are giving 300,000 dedicated servers to Xbox Live but they have gone on record saying its happening so I will take them at their word but am still a bit skeptical on how it will all play out. we shall see come launch.

3-4-53471d ago

It will be like on the PSP/Vita/ can play older games, but most likely will have to re-buy or link for PSN account to retain the ones you already have.

At least they give us the option. Xbox is just like " screw our past..we're doing it our way now".....

Skate-AK3470d ago

Whoops didn't mean to disagree. I was just trying to scroll down.

Blacksand13471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Sony Boss already said they wasn't going to block used games.

Sony got to mess-up really bad to lost this gen. MS is handing it to them with blocking used games and always On. Big brother are watching you and Nintendo not showing up to the party at all. it's a two man race for this gen.

minimur123471d ago

well think about it, Xbox one doesnt block used games does it? but theres some strange f***ing system in place so you can play them

so Don Mattrick (?) can say
'Xbox one can play used games'

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Jek_Porkins3471d ago

We haven't even gotten all the politician like promises that we'll end up getting yet. I mean you can count on two hands and two feet the amount of promises that were broken last generation, and every generation really.

I think good ideas sometimes have a hard time coming to complete fruition, or the technology just doesn't support the end result.

Retroman3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

damn JEK, you FINALLY!!! said something some of us can agree on.
"Ideals sometimes look good on paper but never come to fruition as planned"


sway_z3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

MS' non committal and shaky responses to questions suggests their strategy is 'CLOUDY'.

As for promises...I can promise I will be enjoying the hell outta BF4 come Nov on PS4!!!


punisher993471d ago

" Which Promises Will be Broken?"

Probably the one about those 15 exclusives that MS promised. Half of them will probably turn into "timed exclusives" or even appear on the PC.

Jek_Porkins3471d ago

I'll just throw out there that they are all supposed to be published by Microsoft Game Studios, and 8 of them are first party games.

famoussasjohn3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

"even appear on the PC. "
Games on Windows.

Just shoot me now if that were the case.

I also hope none of them are Kinect games. As much as it appears Kinect has improved, no. Just no.

LogicStomper3471d ago

Now that's just a silly thing to say. If you HAVE to have Kinect, there will HAVE to be games for it. It is the equivalent to selling a keyboard without the keys, or the Playstation Move without games.

Also, I thought that having a variety of games was a better thing? I sure as hell don't mind if there is a lot of choice, even though I don't like some. Everyone has their individual tastes, others don't have to conform to your view.

famoussasjohn3471d ago

Talking about exclusives. I'd prefer them to be kinect-less, due to the previous offerings of kinect games being less than great.

koolaid2513471d ago

If it's on Pc it's a win for them too they make dx10/11 and a little thing called windows 8 keep calm lol.

punisher993471d ago

Microsoft does not own the PC platform. Windows, sure. PC games are also playable on Mac os as well as Linux. Despite how so many people might like to put it. The PC platform consist of more than windows.

Godmars2903471d ago

Rather that they'll be in-house, but the odds of them all coming out launch-year without running into production problems is improbable.

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