Monday Rant Corner: Flimsy consoles and fragile accessories are a problem

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Technology has this way of moving forward much faster than everything else around it; however, this leads to equipment that is lighter, smaller and ultimately fragile. Now you are probably thinking, “but smaller is way better”… granted you may be right; however, fragile is not.

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mixelon2500d ago

Some of this rings true but other bits are the opposite of my experience. I had more faulty/breaking hardware between PS1-Dreamcast era than this one.

My DS3 and Sixaxis controllers regularly fall 2-3ft onto wooden floorboards (I have a 5 year old kid) and have never been damaged at all. I have had to replace my 360s battery pack though.

I had one RROD 360 and one YLOD PS3. I had one borked laser PS1 and two Dreamcasts die. Obviously the 360s had high failure rates in the early years but a lot of its just the luck of the draw. I don't think breakability is increasing as a trend.