Hackers: can they be stopped?

MWEB Writers Stephanie Duchenne and Zubayr Bhyat discuss if hackers can be stopped, what motivations they have and if there is anything possibly that can be done to reduce their presence in online gaming.

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HanCilliers2502d ago

Very interesting read. IMO people cheat, especially if playing in a competitive environment, simply so they can win. The pressure to be the best is a strong motivation.

plut0nash2502d ago

It is and shouldn't be primarily. Commitment before results imo.

PandaMcBearface2502d ago

I don't think that there is a 'right' way to stop hackers in my honest opinion. People who hack do it for so many different reasons that the only time they will stop is when they are willing to come clean and apologise and earn trust back from their community.

ltachiUchiha2502d ago

Yes they can be stopped. Dont log online & your safe lol.