Twitter Movement For PS4 To Accept Used Games And Remove DRM

A huge twitter movement has started with thousands of gamers trying to convince Sony to leave used games alone and have no restrictive DRM for the PS4.

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NewEra72502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Only one match is needed to light the fire! The real gamers that know their consumer rights and understand the first sales doctrine will not stand for this oppression from any company ! #Ps4UsedGames #Ps4NoDRM


Gildarts2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

So much damage Control hahaha.

I hope this works though. Microsoft would have to listen too.

1 Superman > 4 Humans
Xbox One, It only does everything.

SandWitch2501d ago

Xbox One, It only does everything wrong

CaEsAr-2501d ago

" Xbox One, It only does everything. " .. except gaming.

MariaHelFutura2501d ago

"Oh yes, yes, you can go offline totally. Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that."

If the PS4 can go entirely offline, they can't watch you or block used games.

“The main reason being that many countries don’t have robust Internet connections,” Yoshida told Game Informer. “It makes sense for people to have internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet"

If you never have to connect to the internet they can't block used game or have DRM system built in to the PS4.

Unless it's magic, like boosting system power by 300% through a cloud network.

Gildarts2501d ago


They can encrypt the discs.

MariaHelFutura2501d ago

But how would the network recognise whats used an whats not if it is unable to connect to the internet?

dragonyght2501d ago

"1 superman > 4 human" lolz that would true well you know if the PS4 wasn't 50% more powerful than the Xbox one nice try tho

Boody-Bandit2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It's more like:
Xbox One, it only charges ($) for everything.

That is the driving force behind this, GREED.
We gamers need to show them we wont stand for THIS! Instead of just getting in line like Zombies and asking or more.

GamingWorldPeace2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


Girl, do you get bubble commission or something when you reached your quota on the same meaningless post? There is no way you can have that many bubbles from posting the same 2 things 50 times a day. Go find an alternative source or something to keep it fresh at least. O_o

sikbeta2501d ago

They're always trying to catch up to Xbox, so IF XO has DRM, PS4 will have it too

gaffyh2501d ago

@sikbeta - That is such a deluded comment, considering the only reason MS got into the console business is because they saw Sony's success.

MariaHelFutura2501d ago

I had 7 bubbles before the Xbone was revealed. I own a 360, go through my comment history. By no means did I hate on the 360, aside from Kinect, XBL and the slowing of games that I wanted to play since Kinect came out. I've also never hidden that I prefer the PS and don't care if someone favorite is the 360. I've made a few stupid comments here and there like everyone on here. With that said, The Xbone is a surveillance system and will inevitability destroy the gaming industry and NO ONE has given me a convincing reason on how exactly the PS4 will block used games. All and all, I will be everywhere the Xbone is until they change their policies. As of right now, the system is an like I said a surveillance system and that shouldn't be cool w/ anybody regardless of how much you loved the 360 or hated the Playstation.

Boody-Bandit2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Yeah like how Sony followed MS into the gaming industry. /s

sikbeta, that is in the running for most ludicrous post I have ever seen on N4G. But to show you what a good sport I am. I am going to give you a +bubble for making me laugh. You have to laugh at ignorance.

sikbeta2501d ago


No, they enter the console race to own the living room and they're about to achieve that goal


WTF are you talking about? going by that:

Yeah like how Nintendo followed Sony into the gaming industry. /s

Just because Sony entered the gaming industry before MS, doesn't mean they were the first, also MS was doing gaming long ago on PC...

DragonKnight2501d ago

Xbox One: The One device you'll ever need for all your home entertainment needs... unless you want to watch tv then you need a cable box. You also need Kinect... and an internet connection which means having a modem.

Xbox One: Trying to make you think that yelling at your tv while it's hooked up to at least 2 other devices is cool.

Xbox One: It only does everything else, then charges you for it.



Not only that. We need our beloved analogic touch sensitive buttons back on Dulashock 4. Who told you people or games don't use it? It is a greta pain to play MGS HD collection on PS Vita without them and I can't imagine that on PS4. Where can I join my voice about this too? Join me please !

justrandom2501d ago

xbox zero it only does... nevermind ,the answer is before 'it only...'

BootyBandit2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


Sony didn't follow Nintendo. Sony was going to partner with Nintendo and were helping them with the N64 but after Sony was nearing the completion of the efforts, Nintendo had reneged on their deal. Sony basically said, well we will show you and just continue on and build an entire console. Low and behold the Playstation.

So in actuality Nintendo drug Sony into the industry. Just not how Nintendo thought they would. Instead of partners they became rivals. How did that work out for them both? Don't compare MS to Sony. There is no comparison. Sony strives for the gamer. MS chases after whatever is trendy / fashionable / smash and grab while trying to get every nickle out of the consumer they can. Some of which other companies give us for free. Sony has already done more for gaming than MS ever will.

Dee_912501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

whose going to encrypt the disc and what does that have to do with playing a game offline?
The only games you cant play offline on ps4 are online based games, hence the reason Sony said its up to the publishers.
Where as XBOne you will have to get online and install it even to play an offline sp game.What part of this dont you folks get?
Your sending these tweets to the wrong people, you should be sending it to publishers and MSFT, unless Sony actually stand up for us to these publishers, telling them dont have drm or what ever on PS4 is pointless, because the PS4 wont have it.

GamerzElite2501d ago

Superman can be found only in Comic Book and in movies. He is a fiction like M$ dream.
1 PS4 > Supermen

rainslacker2501d ago

"So much damage Control"

I agreed with you, because damage control is all your doing. Glad you finally recognized that.

SolidStoner2501d ago

the good news is that microsoft products 100% always are hacked! I know that! including all x box, and they All HAD pirated games... I think x box one will be no exception, you will just download some stuff from the web, then put it into your xbox (sounds like a** to me) :D and after a while you will be able to play all games all year without internet.... (bad news is that you cant play online and not always its easy to hack something...)

second thing is about SONY, this gen ps3 was really unhackable (I dont talk about PSN network or console software itself) but about game Blu-ray CD's , no pirated games (they where too expensive to make for ordinary pirate groups.. so that basically means its up for sony to decide how its going to be, with used games and DRM, if they make wrong decisions in any way, it can hurt them, you and me! And people will turn against them, after seeing how people react on these things when they are not rumors any more!

Skeith2501d ago

Xbone does everything including watching you masturbate.

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NatureOfLogic2501d ago

This movement is forcing Sony to pick a side instead of playing the sideline like they've been doing. It's either the side of greed and anti-consumer policies or the side of the gamers. Choose wisely Sony.

#Ps4UsedGames #Ps4NoDRM

Jaqen_Hghar2501d ago

A man plays mostly 3rd party games and no EA games on his PS3 so a man will be very happy if Sony stands up to EA with this feature. A man won't miss out on those rehashed sports games.

Mythicninja2501d ago

Lol @jaqen! Love Game of thrones, and that character

mediate-this2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@Above maria. the Xbone will not destroy the gaming market. Why do people always say this.

I personally think Xbone is going through the bad luck third console curse. Sony and Ninty both went through it, with the ps3 and n64 respectively.

admiralvic2501d ago

@ Mediate-this

M$ could have announced this first and the only difference between that reality and this reality is people would be worried the PS4 and Wii U would feature similar policies.

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Boody-Bandit2501d ago

It's worth a quick couple tweets. I sent a couple out with my twitter gaming account. Can't hurt to try.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2501d ago

They won't listen to anything you say to them on twitter anyway. That's why PS4 is going to be integrated with that crappy facebook site instead of twitter.

Boody-Bandit2500d ago

This is Sony, not MS. They are listening and have proven over the years that they won't screw the consumer like MS by nickel and diming them for every cent and given games what they want most, games.

nypifisel2501d ago

Someone who apparently knows some people from inside Sony said that they were on the fence on whether to include any DRM or not, since MS got so much backlash they were now leaning strongly towards not implementing any. So tweeting what we expect from a Sony console kinda forces their hands unless they don't want to loose enormous amounts of face.

The publisher argument is also invalid. Yeah like they would drop at least 50% of their revenue just cause the PS4 can play used games, wouldn't think so. They got shareholders they have to answer to!

DragonKnight2501d ago

You hit the nail on the head. Publishers can beat their chests all they want to, but if the gamers aren't going to buy their games out of principle, then used games will be the last of their problems.

Blacksand12501d ago

Sony Boss already said they wasn't going to block used games.

Dee_912501d ago

What? no they didnt.
They didnt mention if you will have to ummm.. pay for a used game, or if you will have to umm.. pay a fee to play a used game.... although it.. is completely ... playable.. offline,.. wait what was the question again?

Lol srsly tho posting this 10000 times wont do anything.People will think what they want until Sony specifically say they wont charge a fee to play used games, although saying you can play games offline and that its up to publishers basically says just that.If the game is an online based or game with MP, yes you will have to more than likely pay a fee to the publisher to play the online aspect just like with the online pass, thats what up to publishers mean...

Nathaniel_Drake2501d ago


HDMI and blu-ray who followed who again?????

peowpeow2501d ago

Whatever the case, '4>1' is shit gtfo

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ltachiUchiha2502d ago

I like that gamers are doing this, it will only make the deciding factor an easy choice for not only sony but devs who are thinking of doing this. I can bet anyone sony will debunk this soon or at e3. Why would they not take this chance to get even more gamers on their bandwagon? It would only benefit them more & trust of gamers around the globe.

Gildarts2501d ago

Business wise, blocking used games is more beneficial.

I bet Microsoft and Sony made some kind of agreement about doing this. Only Microsoft gave it to us straight and Sony decided to wait and see what happens first

nypifisel2501d ago

It isn't if you don't get any customers....

OrangePowerz2501d ago

MS didnt give anything straight. Every MS rep said something different.

DragonKnight2501d ago

"Business wise, blocking used games is more beneficial."

On paper, not in practice. Companies HAVE to take costumer opinions into consideration. If people don't even buy the console because of the used games DRM, then that effects sales of new games and that's FAR worse for any publisher.

admiralvic2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

@ Gildarts

"Business wise, blocking used games is more beneficial. "

According to whom? While companies make more money in the short run, it's impossible to say if it will pay off in the long term, which is what you're failing to take into account.

Here are some examples...

1) The lack of resale will put more risk on me (since I can't sell it if I don't like it, so that $60 dollar hit will be $60 period), so people will without a doubt be less likely to buy on release.
2) The lack of rentals / borrowing will result in less people experiencing a game. You would be surprised by how many people played their friends copy of whatever or rented something and ultimately became a fan of the series. Without this, people will need to do a risk vs reward deal that won't end well.
3) Nice to know you innovation... If companies really only have 1 chance to sell you on something, they're going to go with something that works. This will result in less interesting games and more generic games to cash in.
4) Distrustful of the future. The more rights we lose, the less likely people are to keep gaming. I might enjoy this as a hobby, but pro business moves are slowly making me dislike this industry more and more.

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Count2502d ago

I forgot the last time twitter movements mattered.

DragonKnight2501d ago

So basically "you don't matter, so don't try" is that right?

I wonder where any nation that fought for their independence would be right now if they had that attitude. Every fight starts somewhere and every voice matters.

joeyisback2501d ago Sony already confirmed PS4 would play used game's

THamm2501d ago ShowReplies(4)
DOMination-2501d ago


Sony have said they won't have a system wide enforcement that blocks used games, but they'll just leave it in the hands of the publishers. Guess what the publishers will choose? That's right, they will choose to block used games 8/10 times if given the freedom to choose.

joeorc2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

" Guess what the publishers will choose? That's right, they will choose to block used games 8/10 times if given the freedom to choose. "

I ask you why would they do that is if the game is Free TO PLAY?

If any thing many developer's for this up coming generation are looking at Free2Play model to make Money for their games, just look at Dust, or DCUniverse.

And Now most likely Planet side 2

"John Smedley ‏
we are VERY excited about the Playstation 4. Read into that what you will :)"

you have to wonder is if Sony is looking more and more into Free 2 play Model why is Microsoft no so much, its very simple because of fee's that are tied to Microsoft's online play requirement to play online through Xbox live. Sony's online play has no such requirement. Thus looking at this statement by Yoshida:

"Yes. That's the general expectation by consumers," said Yoshida. "They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."

does that sound like they are talking about a Pay wall for USED game to you?

DOMination-2501d ago

Free to Play is certainly going to be a big thing by mid-end next generation, but it's really still in it's infancy. I know of several games that are in development using this model right now, but they are still going to be the exception to the rule for many years to come.

And when that time comes, those games are going to be digital releases only and the issue of used games is going to be less applicable to them. Nobody is going to care about trading in a digital game that was free to begin with. I guess this was your point, and in which case I can agree with you on it.

As for your final point - it's difficult to read too much into general statements like that. I would like to see Sony do "the right thing" but if the publishers are pushing them, they may not have a choice. At this moment, we have no idea what the final plans are. If when they finally confirm those plans and it's positive news then that's GREAT but lets not already think we know that because if it's bad news, a lot of people are setting themselves up for disappointment.

GamingWorldPeace2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Why you people keep posting the same eurogamer article when it doesn't have anything pertaining to used game fee or DRM verification?

PS4 would play used game =/= confirmation of no DRM/required online registration/no Game fee.

SpinalRemains2501d ago

Its confirmed that it doesnt require data to play games.

Any 1p used game will be fine. I dont see how they can enforce it if its offline.

multiplayer is obviously a diff story.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

If Sony do go the same way of XBOX regarding used games & DRM, then there could be a bigger backlash for Sony, since there has been such outrage by gamers after Xbox's reveal, and if Sony STILL go through with that strategy then WOW.

But I trust Sony, from their past statements so far it doesn't seem they will be blocking used games or imposing DRM.