Apple, AT&T Sued Again Over IPhone Voice Mail Patent

Cupertino, CA (AHN) - Apple is again being sued for its iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature. The lawsuit is an updated version of a patent lawsuit filed in December by Klausner Technologies.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in the Eastern District of Texas, claims the iPhone violates a 1994 patent allowing telephone answering devices to organize incoming messages. Apple promotes the iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature as allowing users to "quickly select the messages that are important to you."

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TriggerHappy3914d ago

I find this funny. Apple are suing for the beatles song and someone is suing apple for something esle.

JoelR3914d ago

Nah just more patent trolling... This crap has got to stop.

decapitator3914d ago

Man, whats with people coming up and suing companies for patent stuff ? Sony, and co are been probed and now this ?