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Sony and Naughty Dog gave us the opportunity to play The Last of Us in the recent Last Of Us Lisbon Event, and Pure|News can guarantee you that the promises that Naughty Dog made since the announcement of the game are true.

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ltachiUchiha2502d ago

Move aside elizabeth, ellie is about to take your spot as the best AI partner in a game to date. Naughty Dog created an AI engine from the ground up just for this game. I can only imagine their new AI system in a new uncharted game, like it wasnt already hard on crushing mode. The Last of Us is going to be amazing.

MrGunny942502d ago

Hello! I was the Editor who wrote the Article!

I must agree with you, I can give an example of Ellie's AI.

While I was playing the demo, I was being attacked by a group of survivors with shotguns while I was trying to hit one with a melee weapon Ellie came running to throw a brick against the other one that was about to shoot me!

The AI is great and we'll speak in more detail in the Review.

ltachiUchiha2502d ago

Lol i was going against your article. I was just saying this since alot of reviews were impressed with elizabeth, as an AI. They will be blown away with ellie i bet even more. Good preview though mate.

Ezio20482502d ago

Wow...thats wondrous! :D
Looking forward to this game since dunno when. :P

DigitalRaptor2501d ago

Fantastic mate. Can't wait to read your write up.

r212501d ago

Just wanted to say, quite jealous of you previewers being able to play TLOU so early.

Bathyj2501d ago

Hey, nice preview.

Can you tell me, is there a crouch button?
I hate these so called stealth games that dont let you crouch.

Also, can you pick your arrows back up after firing them and what other things did you see with the crafting system? Everyone just talks about the molotov and the bat with scissors but we've already know that for so long.

Thanks, and good read. I can tell youre really excited about this, as should all gamers be.

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asmith23062502d ago

Can't wait for this. Haven't looked at any previews or trailers since the first ones were released. It's killing me.

Fil1012502d ago

When we gonna see MP side ???

MrGunny942501d ago

Hello my friend!

Ricky, told us in this interview that you can check here

He told us in this week and in E3 we'll see more about the MP.

If you see the interview he tell us that the MP is like the single player with more player :) The crafting and scavenging is available in MP.

MrGunny942501d ago

It's at the exact second the question and awnser!

"We'll be announcing soon, In E3? I think we will give you more sooner.. We want to give players more information about"

Before E3 and sooner than release should be around this week to be honest in my opinion fits the calendar.

Fil1012501d ago

As much as i'm looking forward to the single player campaign "which I am" I hope it's got a killer online side aswell including competitive game modes.

mayberry2502d ago

AI is the true test of game development and goes hand in hand with "next-gen" gaming progression. Looks like ND and Sony have it on lock!

Prcko2502d ago

only 18 days remaning!!!

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