The risk for iPhone users: They know too much

When she whipped out her iPhone, Erica Sadum could feel her husband's eyes roll. But she had a point to prove. And in less than a minute, she was able to report to the skeptics around the dinner table that Menno Simons, whose followers are known as Mennonites, was in fact born in 1496.

Apple Inc.'s iPhone, which went on sale nine months ago, isn't the only so-called smart phone that provides itinerant access to the Web. But its wide screen and top-quality browser make it easy to use and read, which means it can in seconds change a lighthearted conversation into the Pursuit of Truth

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TriggerHappy3864d ago

*Sigh* Microsoft could have done something right for once but they rushed the damn thing into the market..oh well

sak5003864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Wow, my 1 1/2 year old Nokia N80 does the same. It has GPRS, WiFi, Infrared, Push to talk, Home networking, modem, net2phone, Opera browser, Wifi detection on the main screen, etc etc etc. And at half the price now.

unbiased3864d ago

Do you know what your talking about???

(GPRS) refers to a very old packet data system that has been used for over 10 years and is on every free phone made under GSM.

(Infrared) Is a very slow/old transfer rate that was replaced by blutooth years ago.

Kleptic3864d ago

probably meant GPS...I think the N80 has that ability...If he did mean GPRS...awesome...since we are talking about ancient technology in cell Sony Ericsson has speaker phone...

Premonition3864d ago

i love my iphone, has the best Browser hands down :)

Rybnik3864d ago

It is great, but the lack of 3G support ensures that the "in seconds" claim of browser loading is pure BS. Once Apple fixes this, the iphone will be SOO much better.

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