There is a movement going on at NeoGAF to enlighten Sony on how gamers feel about the blocking of used games next generation and the potential DRM issues. This movement has been spurred by the recent Xbox One reveal, with Microsoft all but confirming that the Xbox One will block used games in some manner. Early reports are also leading gamers to believe that the console will have a 24 hour DRM check, though the penalties have yet to be illuminated to the press and gamers. PlayStation fans have taken to twitter in a move to discourage Sony from potentially following suit behind Microsoft.

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ltachiUchiha2501d ago

The thing that is great about sony is they will listen & if this will help them get a one up on microsoft , you can best believe they will use this to their advantage & for us gamers sake. I trust sony will do the right thing.

whoyouwit042501d ago

Keep thinking that, you Sony fans are in for a rude awakening. Geoff said it write, you people are holding Sony as the white knight, but there are already sources pointing to them blocking used games.

ZodTheRipper2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

After all the statements made until today, I'm rather positive than negative right now. Sony said they'll let the publishers decide & that you can use the console without an internet connection, so everything points in a direction that benefits us gamers.

GamersRulz2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Just like the rude awakening MS gave you. I mean, damn, always online, no used games and pathetic system specs.

Lets not forget, beautiful Kinect always watching and listening 24/7

TwistedMetal2501d ago

No you xbox one fanboys had a rude awakening. you all kept saying they were just rumors wait for the reveal on may 21 and bam look at what happen you guys got smacked across the mouth with a shi7 box one. sony will listen and do what is right and you will buy

Tatsuya 2501d ago Show
BlaqMagiq242501d ago

Show some proof that Sony is going in that direction. Oh wait there is none. I don't know how you Xbox fanboys can keep defending what's basically a cable box. Sony actually cares about gamers unlike Micro$oft.

NatureOfLogic2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Why do people think that Sony has to follow in MS's footsteps? Lets not forget that MS has only had one successful console which still failed to out sale Playstation. If Sony chooses to not block used games they win by default for a number of reason. First, they win the gamers, then they win those with no internet or HDTV. EA and other third parties won't risk losing Sony and Nintendo sales just to be exclusive to Xbox One. Would be stupid for EA/big third parties to ignore Sony and Nintendo just because one console does something the others don't. They'll risk way to much trying to make a foolish statement on used games. That's why the NEED Sony in on this to be successful, not the other way around.

Why wouldn't Sony use this as a chance to have a HUGE advantage over the competition and a great chance sell more consoles.

Heisenburger2501d ago

" Geoff said it write..."

*walks away laughing*

Cha0tik2500d ago

Sounds like someone is sad that MS failed them. Can't wait to see Sony rub it in your face for this pathetic attempt to kill our buzz.

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GamersRulz2501d ago

Slightly OT, a month ago didn't MS report that " We never considered an always-online console"

What a bunch of liers!

abc12332501d ago

They're not exactly liars, they're planning on forcing a connection every 24 hours or so rather than all the time. They do have a career waiting for them in politics though...

stage882501d ago

That's why I'll never trust MS.
And that's why a MS console will never enter my house.
And that's why MS should bow out of the console business and be replaced by a more reputable company that gamers actually like.

famoussasjohn2501d ago

BlaqMagiq24- If there's no evidence, then why are people hopping on twitter making up hashtags thinking this would ever change anything? They'd listen to shareholders more than people on twitter.

joeorc2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

" They'd listen to shareholders more than people on twitter. "

Y yes Sony would do that listen to Investor's over the consumer, even when a hedge fund would give 2 billion extra in backing its a good thing Sony took it and jumped at the chance...Oh wait a min!

they over @ Sony said No!


And their share's on top of that fell like a rock for saying No! so that far and away say's how they choose investor's wish's over consumer's wish's.

Sony just turned down 2 billion!

whoyouwit042501d ago

You people don't even need to waist your time, Sony already stated it was up to the developers. If Microsoft blocks used game there is no way developers will allow Sony not to. especially when Sony are the one who have this patent; yet, you people think you can convince them differently. Used game may be a thing of the past, you will just have to except it. Yea, it's [email protected]#k up, but there are more things to life.

ltachiUchiha2501d ago

Yeah but u act like thats going to happen to every game on ps4 mate. The difference is microsoft wants every game to have this including their own. Sony left it to developers & its smart because lets say a big game like assassins creed 4 decides to do this & they see a drop in sales because of it. You really think other devs will want to do that & hurt potential sales? Of course not. Thats why sony is leaving it up to devs.

ZodTheRipper2501d ago

What makes you think that Microsoft has the same influence on publishers, developers and the industry as Sony? Do you really think any of those people were pleased with the direction Microsoft is heading with it's Xbox?

NewEra72501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Dont bother his brain can't compute logical statements.

SexyGamerDude2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

"If Microsoft blocks used game there is no way developers will allow Sony not to"

So, are the developers playing favorites with Nintendo or something?
"No used games Sony and Microsoft! Oh, but it's okay for you Nintendo."

Face it. Microsoft chose this route and nobody forced them.

DeadlyAssassin2501d ago

EA said Hi.

" The publisher has definitively stated that many of its biggest 2013 games are not planned for Wii U, including Battlefield 4, Madden 25 and, most recently, FIFA 14. We've contacted EA to see if we can clear things up."

amiga-man2501d ago

If Sony keep their first party titles DRM free that will do me, any 3rd party games that have any form of DRM will not see me spend a penny of my money on them.

Are you listening EA?

DeadlyAssassin2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Wait I thought it was already settled that PS4 will definitely allow used games without DRM or Fee. The President already told us that, why you all panicking and sending tweets to beg if it was confirmed already? You guys don't trust Sony or something?

LightofDarkness2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Well, no. They've said you can play used games on PS4, and said they have a model in place that they will give more details on later. Kind of like MS did, but they did stipulate that it will be up to publishers/developers.

I imagine they have a similar system in place that publishers can choose to avail of if they want to. Sadly, I imagine a majority of them will opt in.

They also said you can play offline, but MS are also saying that. Take everything with a pinch of salt, I trust Sony for now but they too haven't divulged much, despite subtly hinting at some similar policies.

Neither one has promised that things will be the same. No one has said you can still walk into Gamestop and trade in a game as usual and GS decide on the resale value. They've both said they have "a system in place" but only MS has unveiled the devil in those details. Both have stated and continue to state that you can play offline, but neither has said that you never need to go online even once to play games (again, MS has let some of this slip out while Sony haven't).

I'm betting on Sony to do the right thing. But I won't be surprised if they don't. Publishers and developers have had a LOT of say in how each machine was developed, and they'd be very much for this kind of thing. They would likely have put a LOT of pressure on both Sony and MS to make something like this happen, and neither one could afford to say absolutely no. The thing that gives me hope for Sony is their allowance for indies to self publish, which will win them a lot of fans in the indie development community and ensure that all that XBLA talent starts to move over to the bright side of the road.

But again, time will tell.

Hazzinho102501d ago

I really hope Sony take note of this, I was expecting to get the new Xbox and PS4, dependent on what Sony say I could be going to PC instead and giving up on consoles.

Vames2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

What happens when you switch to PC? Similar policy. Many PC games require a Steam account, once the game is installed and linked with Steam, you can never resell it. So in a sense, it is even worse with PC gaming.

The thing is though, PC gamers have come to accept this because games are so cheap on Steam, so it defeats the purpose for wanting to purchase someone's used game.

It has been said before by many, and I will say it again. PC gaming leads the way, Consoles follow. Then again, Console gaming DRM seems more draconian with always online.

LeRise2501d ago

Nope, PC is not Steam and Games for Windows only.
You can purchase DRM-free games if the author wants that.
You can even launch an executable file for youself, no shops needed! PC is not a fixed corporation platform, it's free for all.

And that's why I consider PC as one of my next-gen devices. What will be the second? - that's the question.

duli142501d ago

Sony sells alot of hardware in third world countries so I'm not sure they would do this.

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