How Peter Jackson’s Long-Awaited ‘Halo’ Movie Morphed Into Steven Spielberg Xbox-Only Series

Burning Question: How did that "Halo" movie end up being sliced and diced into a Steven Spielberg Xbox series instead?

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optimus2503d ago

Wow, i didn't know that it was microsoft's own doing that prevented the movie from being doesn't seem like Bill Gates left the company in good hands at all.

Leio2503d ago

It was them all alone, being greedier than the studios

HammadTheBeast2502d ago

Funny thing is, I all be watching the series off of my computer if its good.

SexyGamerDude2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Did you read all of those outrageous demands MS wanted?

Talk about greedy.

60 first class tickets? They couldn't pay for their own plane rides?

GusBricker2502d ago

And the studio ok'd them all.

Then cost went up and egos got in the way. Happens all the time, sadly.

KillrateOmega2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

It would end up being MS themselves that prevented such a potentially cool movie from being made, wouldn't it? And through outrageous, greedy demands of the people behind the project no less.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

"60 first-class plane tickets for Microsoft personnel and their guests to attend the premiere"

Really? All that money you have and couldn't pay for them yourselves?

optimus2502d ago

I think the deal breaker was the 75 mil BEFORE the movie was even finished along with "creative approval" of the whole thing...

My guess is they reached some kind of compromise with Spielberg since i doubt he would agree to such lunacy when most movie and tv studios today let him do what he wants.

Rainstorm812502d ago

The Show is Xbox only?

That seems dumb......why not a TV channel as well since the XB1 does both?

GusBricker2502d ago

Who knows, that might happen.

Riderz13372502d ago

Who cares if you don't have an Xbox One just pirate it online lol.

optimus2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Both?? Are you under the impression that xbox one has a tv tuner inside?? All it does is it lets you plug in your tv source to it so that it can add menus and things to it., basically turning your "basic" tv into a smart tv...watching a tv show? Look up info on it without leaving the show, go to it's facebook page and comment as you're watching the show, etc... Microsoft thinks everyone will want to do that which is why they put 3 os's in it, but that subject is on countless other threads and articles...

This exclusive xbox deal IS it's own "channel" essentially. Kind of the same way Netflix is creating their own shows now...

I think the notion of viewing it on youtube or torrents will be few and far between since microsoft will undoubtedly block any kind of youtube uploads like many networks and studios do. And torrents take up space and time on people's hardrive not to mention the countless mislabels and viruses that you have to sift through to get a good one...

This series could help turn things around for microsoft if done right. Similar to the way that mortal kombat series did on youtube...Spielberg doesn't do anything cheap so i'm sure it will be of high quality production... I'm guessing they will show a teaser trailer at e3.

psyxon2502d ago

it's funny cause m$ is using this as incentive to buy into xbl. haha. like the episodes aren't gonna get pirated. hilar.

OrangePowerz2502d ago

Well Xbox only. I will watch the show... On the internet :)

OrangePowerz2502d ago

Or other places, maybe on my PS3 or PS4 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.