Gaming Outsiders Podcast Episode 20: "It's the Xbox What?"

The gang is here this week talking all about the Xbox One and more!

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ltachiUchiha2510d ago

Xbox One. "All In One" extra fees & all, u name it & your wallet will blame it.

ltachiUchiha2510d ago

Lol xbone, xmen, xtra fees, lol they all sound like extras to me.

Prcko2510d ago

lol,nothing in fridge

Jek_Porkins2510d ago

It's the Xbox One, and considering I've never heard anyone call the original Xbox the Xbox 1 or the Xbox 360 the Xbox 2, I think it's fine. Also, you cant buy original Xbox games, consoles, or accessories at any new store, so it shouldn't really confuse anyone.

yugovega2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I doubt the name truly matters to anyone anymore. much like the wiiu name, it's just fanboy talking points. now all the other complaints are completely justified, no matter what you want to call the device that promotes these issues.

required Kinect, which never has worked how it says it will, and not without having a huge gaming space is a justified reason. granted used game fees and online hasn't been confirmed, the Kinect alone is a big issue for a lot of people.
on top of that it will be always on which, in theory, can lead to people seeing what your family is doing without your consent. most if not all people shouldn't agree with this or else why would we be on n4g under assumed names? everyone likes privacy, xbox one clearly has the ability to rob us of that just because we enjoy gaming.

Jek_Porkins2510d ago

I don't exactly agree with that, as we don't have confirmation on some things, and some of the other things that you might feel are bad or justified, might not really bother some gamer's.