30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 25: A Game You Plan on Playing

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: Today’s challenge is about games we want to play. These can be games that have yet to release that look promising, games in our backlog that we really want to get to, or games that we have yet to buy because of lack of availability or lack of funds. Below you’ll find the games that our writers plan on playing – at some point or another.

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ltachiUchiha2498d ago

The Last of Us
Beyond Two Souls
The Rain
Infamous Second Son
Killzone Shadow Falls
Drive Club
Gran Turismo 6
Watch Dogs
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy Versus
The Witness
Battlefield 4
Cant wait to see what Sony Santa Monica & Naughty Dogs ps4 projects. The ps4/ps3 is just stacked with games I want to play & I didnt even mention ps vita games. Geez, we will be broke lol.

Aceman182497d ago

every game on your list is what i plan on buying. crap man this is going to break me money wise haha.

ltachiUchiha2497d ago

I know what u mean mate but that list is crazy & only 2 of them are 3rd party games & I forgot GTA V, thats 3, oh man were going to be broke haha.

Aceman182497d ago

crap yea i forgot GTAV plus Killzone Merc, and Tearaway. damn where im i going to come up with cash this these lol.

Prcko2497d ago

gta v,last of us,watch dogs