Prepare Yourselves: New Episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games is Incoming

Feminist Frequency, the controversial youtube channel run by Anita Sarkeesian, is about to release the next episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games. Episode two will be released on youtube on Tuesday, May 28th. That means tomorrow for most of you reading this. How will this next feminist theory video be received?

The previous, first video of the series, was met with an explosive uproar from gamers and feminists and laymen alike. People have been divided on the video. Some loved it and have lauded Anita as the most influential cultural critic since Catharine MacKinnon. Others have been not so receptive and have been shocked, appalled, and exceptionally critical of the first video.

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KillrateOmega2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I wonder how quickly she'll disable comments after people yet again start scrutinizing her practices and standpoints.

I've seen her in Tropes vs Women in Video Games, she's so full of bs.

This guy does a pretty good job of calling her on it:

HammadTheBeast2499d ago

There's a provocative ad that says "Better Than Craigslist" over here.

----------------------------- ----------------------->

KillrateOmega2499d ago

Be careful. Ms. Sessler might hear you and raise a fit.

Dan_scruggs2499d ago

LOL yeah tell that to your girlfriend (if you have one) and lets see how much sex you will be getting in the future.

ifritAlkhemyst2499d ago

Because I never tire of making this comparison.

JohnApocalypse2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Not gonna watch it

Gh05t2499d ago

I watched the last one and that was a mistake I will not repeat.

The conclusions she makes are ridicules and calling yourself a feminist and trying to present a point of view is counter productive. Its obviously bias and made to sound the best in her favor while not allowing a counter view or any room for thought that there may be another meaning.

I am all for equal rights and freedom. That means if you have the money and talent you can make your own game and no one will stop you but don't bash on another game because you don't like the message (which again may not be an accurate understanding of what the message really is).

Freedom to play and the freedom to not play.

Freedom to complain and my freedom to not listen to the bias one perspective complaints.

Oh and stopping comments and ratings just proves you dont stand behind your message. If you could defend it or truly believed it you would let people express their feeling even if they are wrong or hurtful.

You want us to hear your point of view but don't want to hear others. Sounds just like a stereo typical feminist to me.

WhyWai882499d ago

exactly bro, she's complaining to the whole internet but then started bitching when the internet complaint toward her work.

so only she allowed to lecture people, and not the other way?

jeeves862499d ago

Hey, that's the best response you can take to something you don't like. Just don't watch it.

Problem solved.

edsmith19902499d ago

To hell with very much everyone who has a problem with Feminist Frequency. You are all rubbish people.

2pacalypsenow2499d ago ShowReplies(1)
zerocrossing2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

We have a problem with the lies and misinformation Anita Sarkeesian spreads while hiding behind the guise of a feminist.

As soon as anybody tries to call Anita out on her BS they get labelled "anti-feminists" making their legitimate criticisms appear to simply be that of a man yet again trying to oppress women, it's a sickening hypocrisy and you, along with all of her supporters are doing a great disservice to the feminist cause you hold so dear by enabling her and allowing this farce to continue.

002499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Why doesn't she do something productive like making her own series and lead by example, instead of making videos that point out all these stupid things.

cleft52499d ago

I see what you are saying and I agree with it to a point, but commentators are also important. It cost nothing to listen to what someone has to say and who knows, maybe she will say something informative. She is obviously intelligent, so we will see what she has to say.

002499d ago

they mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Godmars2902499d ago

But then look at what Lauren Faust did with MLP:FiM. Even if it got torn apart before the first season.

Its called making a statement by example.

rainslacker2499d ago

She didn't instill a lot of confidence with her first video. I'm all for spirited INFORMATIVE debate on the issue, but what she offers is self-serving, not factual, and does nothing to further the agenda that she promotes.

I'll probably end up watching it, just so I can comment on it. I'm sure the community/other reception will be like last time, unless she took in all that criticism she got in order to make a concerted effort to do something useful. If she didn't I won't bother watching the third.

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The story is too old to be commented.