IGN: MadCatz Dual Force 3 Review

Console accessory veterans, MadCatz, introduced a new line of vibration feedback enabled PS3 controllers at January's CES trade show. Now, IGN Gear sits down with MadCatz's Dual Force 3 wireless PS3 controller for a full review.

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ruibing3862d ago

I would still rather pay a lil extra for the 1st party offering.

Lifendz3862d ago

if you guys are willing to pay now and wait like 3 days you get a DS3 off of an auction site for the same price as you'll pay over. I got mine yesterday and it's great. The 3rd party controllers never really felt right to me. Take this one for instance. It looks like a big eyesore.

trancefreak3862d ago

I want a mouse too for fps games on ps3. Sony pls make 1 hehe