Hacker Evolution Duality is being investigated on PS Vita

After the announcement and beta for Hacker Evolution Duality on iPad, the excellent game is being investigated on PS Vita and may see the light on Sony's handheld platform too:

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ltachiUchiha2508d ago

I thought it was just another hack story at first until i read the article lol.

ltachiUchiha2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Good to see so much support coming to the ps vita. =]


Yeah & i notice indies are loving being able to self publish their own games. It will only keep getting better.


Trust me why wouldnt an indie dev not want a chance at making more money by bringing it to the vita. Its a win win for them.

PLASTICA-MAN2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Sony is just encouraging indies to develop on both PS Vita and PS4. We need more masterpieces like these games.

porkChop2508d ago

All they said is that they're "investigating" the Vita. That does not confirm anything. Do you even know what investigating means?


It means the same thing when they were investigating on iPad and now we have a beta. To you, investigating, having a beta is just foooling around and loosing time for nothing? There is no smoke without a fire.

porkChop2508d ago

Regardless of what you think, investigating is not a confirmation, and obviously you know I'm right considering you changed the incorrect headline.

sherimae24132508d ago

what do you do if its confirmed in a couple of weeks or months....
just saying... ^_^

porkChop2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I'm not saying the game isn't coming to Vita...

The point is, there have been many times that developers have investigated platforms and found that they weren't a good fit for their game, or that they weren't worth the risk/resources, etc. It happens all the time in game development.

The game could very well end up being released on Vita, but PLASTICA-MAN originally had the headline saying that the game had been confirmed for Vita which wasn't true at all. He knew that, that's why he changed the headline.

I just don't like misinformation or misleading headlines, sorry if that's a problem for you guys.

tubers2507d ago

Must be new at N4G VITA scene..

Quite a handful here are pretty hopeful.. grasping at straws as well.

While it's nice they're sniffing the VITA, it doesn't confirm an actual support.

rainslacker2507d ago

It shows that devs are at least investigating supporting the Vita...that's not a bad thing. In the mean time, we can look to see if it's a game we want, and be hopeful that it makes it...or show our support of it to help the investigation move along faster.

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PLASTICA-MAN2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I just hope they will use rear trackpad for sth fancy.

ApolloTheBoss2508d ago

Talk about a misleading title lol.