Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs Sequels Hinted, Games Broke Even

Square Enix mentions that they have rejuvenated and successfuly created new IPs

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jc485732508d ago

hope it's cheaper to make quality games in the future.

showtimefolks2508d ago

tomb raider doesn't need MP so make a great single player 12-15hrs long

hitman absolution is a great game imo, a sequel could make it even better

I didn't like sleeping dogs as much even though I am a huge open world games fan, but enough people liked it so a sequel could be good

zeal0us2508d ago

I'm pretty sure if Crystal Dynamics had made more single player DLC the game would've sold more copies. Instead they wanted to monetize off MP.

Downside to publishing and making AAA games this big is the more money you put in the project to more units it has to sell in order to make a profit.

xHeavYx2508d ago

I just finished Sleeping Dogs, even though there are some things that could be improved,I had a blast playing it. I like the martial arts approach

kneon2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

It certainly didn't need the MP they implemented. It might be the worst I've ever played.

The matchmaking is horribly unbalanced. I've been in a match where the lowest rank enemy player had a higher rank than my entire team combined.

This is the only game I can think of where you can set up a private multiplayer match, play all by yourself and still collect XP, money and trophies.

There are maps with team spawn points with direct line of sight for enemy snipers, I joined a game in progress and died 3 times in a row without even having the chance to move.

Prcko2508d ago

i think it is,developers alrdy said you need less time to develop on new consoles

DivineAssault 2508d ago

But will they be on the Wii U?????

Jek_Porkins2508d ago

Awesome news! I loved Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider very much, just finished Sleeping Dogs and it's so underrated! Loved it!

dirthurts2508d ago

Sleeping Dogs was amazing.

Yi-Long2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

..... it's gotten very respectable scores, and most people seem to love it.

Personally, I enjoyed playing through it, but once the (too short) story is over, I was just bored, and it absolutely didn't do the city of Hong Kong justice (I live there at the moment), sadly.

Huge potential for them to make a much bigger and better sequel though. :)

ApolloTheBoss2508d ago

Maybe the sequel can take place in a different country, like true crime was in a different city every game. It doesn't necessarily have to be in Hong Kong, though I'm loving the game right now.

slapsta722508d ago

i agree! haven't played tomb raider yet unfortunately, but sleeping dogs was really fun and definitely deserving of a sequel. i'm kind of surprised that it didn't sell more.

oof462508d ago

@Yi-Long: Underrated saleswise.

SuperSteve2508d ago

Agreed. Sleeping Dogs turned out phenomenal for a game that was cancelled at one point. I really hope they make a sequel for it.

2508d ago
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002508d ago

I want a proper hitman game this time.

ShabbaRanks2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

lol the people who disagreed must be newcomers to the hitman franchise. Please stay away, all my favourite franchises are turning into shit and I was so f**king mad when I played Absolution. The intro level started out cool, with all the new and improved gameplay mechanics (except that disguise system), but then as I progressed threw I got more and more frustrated of the linear missions and the average and déjà vu story.

Not that it was a bad stealth game, but it was a bad hitman game. Before Hitman was about hiding in plain sight and stalking you’re target for the cleanest kill, now it’s like any other stealth game and that’s why it sucked balls -_-

Agent_00_Revan2508d ago

I love Hitman, but once I got spotted in a disguise for the TENTH time in the OPENING level, I knew something was amis. That system was totally worthless.

urwifeminder2508d ago

Just got sleeping dogs on steam for $13 hd graphics pack looks great I played the 360 demo but not 1080p 60 fps wow, all these multiplats on pc are like hd remakes compared to consoles, will get tomb raider when its cheap hitman is down to $25 deus ex I gave up on the hacking is crap.

cunnilumpkin2508d ago

hitman is $12.49 pc download on amazon man, great game, amazing visuals on the pc

just picked up tomb raider for $14 on greenman gaming, sale is over on that though :(

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