Top 5 Reasons To Switch From Internet Explorer

5. Security
Internet Explorer's integration of ActiveX and Active Scripting allows websites to install programs and control your browser, and while there are security measures in place, Microsoft has proven over and over that there are holes in its software that can exploited.

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Breakfast3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Because your on n4g, and anything Microsoft is bad.

Firefox FTW

lol at pic, could it be more focused on her boobs?

illizit3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Actually, any software has holes. MAC OS X, Windows, FireFox, etc. all have holes. Whether or not hackers choose to exploit them is a different story. More people use Internet Explorer, that is a FACT so obviously as a hacker what software are you going to exploit to affect the most users possible??

Time Lord3864d ago

wow wounder how many actually clicked on the headline because of the, next time am going to post news in here I should post pic of hot chick that way i'll be sure it'll hit 1500 easily.

chaosatom3333865d ago

that picture is reason enough for me to switch.

decapitator3865d ago

dude, I was just thinking that too.

Lord Anubis3865d ago

i was about to say that. You beat me to it.

have you seen the new firefox logo?

decapitator3865d ago

yeah, that would have probably gotten changed by the admins. Good thing you did not use that.

Homicide3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

ROFL @ Anubis in the report.

Kinda funny how the picture zoomed in to her boobs.

craymoogy3865d ago

I switched because I thought I could hold on to that firefox.

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Charlie26883865d ago

If I switch do they send me the girl on the picture?


shine13963864d ago

hmm...I can see where your coming from...

Ashira3865d ago

Bunch of crap, I say.
IE is not that integrated after XP SP2. IE7 does not crash at the said page. ActiveX controls don't run without your permission (again, after XP SP2).
No, IE is not good, but the site is overdoing it.
(Not to mention the pictures has nothing to do with the contents of the actual site.)

Lord Anubis3865d ago

obviously you are not up to date on technology nor IE7 holes.

Breakfast3865d ago

my internet explorer crashed all the time...thats why i switched to firefox...i run vista by the way

LinuxGuru3864d ago

The chick is wearing a shirt with the firefox logo on it.

It's clearly there, you just have to not look at her tits for a few seconds to see it.

Ashira3864d ago

Lord Anubis, you obviously missed my point. Yes, IE7 is full of holes, but the site is making too much fuss of it. The link didn't crash. ActiveX controls does not install by default.
The site's contents is clearly not 100% correct. But they are right that it's better to switch to Firefox and that IE is targeted often and is full of holes.

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IzKyD13313865d ago

firefox also has a better interface than IE

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The story is too old to be commented.