Xbox One: Focus on the new controller

MMGN: While the controller for the Xbox One looks a lot like its predecessor, Microsoft boasts an impressive list of at least 40 improvements.

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GamersRulz2504d ago

am I the only one who think this controller looks ugly? 360 controller looks better.

Snookies122504d ago

It's more reminiscent of the first Xbox controller... I like the (X, A, B, Y) buttons, but overall it's not the best looking design.

2504d ago
Bathyj2504d ago

Yeah, first thing I thought. Not the Duke so much but the Controller S.

aviator1892504d ago

From what I'm reading, it's more comfortable and responsive with other enhancements.

Looks aren't everything, imo, even though I believe it looks fine.

2504d ago

definitely agree. the buttons on the new controller look great, but the top part of the controller looks a lot like a weird add on that shouldnt be there to begin with. if anything, they should have made the glossy top part sit flush witht the rest of the controller. it looks as if its a little pushed back from where it meets the matte finish.
also not too crazy about the pointed bottom edges, but im sure that was more a decision ms made because it was somehow superior to the old, so well see how it plays out.

medman2504d ago

The new controller is the only thing that I have found interesting to date about the Xbox One.

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Benjaminkno2504d ago

That's funny... looks like a GameCube controller to me...

SexyGamerDude2504d ago

A GameCube controller looks nothing like that.

Benjaminkno2503d ago

There's nothing different in terms of design. It's the same controller.

SexyGamerDude2503d ago

Benjaminko, you have obviously never seen a GameCube controller. Google it and compare. Not even close.



You may want to have your eyes checked...

Geovanny2504d ago

At least it doesnt need batteries

ltachiUchiha2504d ago

Yeah that sucks it doesnt come with a usb charger for your controller, instead its like the 360 launched controllers where u have to buy AA batteries. If you dont have a battery charger then you will have to buy that or resort to buying alot of AA batteries. So last ten if u ask me imo. Smh.

hellvaguy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Just like the 360, there will be battery packs that u recharge on a seperate charger.

ltachiUchiha2504d ago

I meant so last gen. Error on my part, sorry all.

The Meerkat2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

You can buy a AA battery charger and 12 rechargable AA batteries for the price of 1 360 recharge pack.

Took me 6 years to figure that one out. :-(

forcefullpower2504d ago

From what I saw there was compartment like the current one you can open. I get feeling they will charge still for the rechargeable battery.

Not really checked the new on the controller so I maybe wrong if they have said it will cone with. Then that would be good.

Gildarts2504d ago

I don't think so. It just so happens to be removable in case the battery fails or something. But I'm 99% sure that it's rechargeable from the get go.

forcefullpower2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Nope I was right AA battery compartment.

After the 360 rechargable batteries I wouldnt buy them again anyway. Never seemed to last more than 4 month. Bought Duracell rechargable batteries in the end.

elhebbo162504d ago

at least sony steped it up and made the dualshock more comfortable. i be getting the meanest hand cramps in bf3 since i grab the ds3 tight when im in a tense situation. the bigger/more ergonomic handles is a plus from me.

Jek_Porkins2504d ago

Love this new design, made by gamer's for gamer's, glad they addressed the D-pad and controller drift issues.

aviator1892504d ago

I agree.
the d-pad fix is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.