Fast & Furious 6 Racing To $275.5 Million Global Box Office While Activision Game Crashes

Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tag-teamed to drive Fast & Furious 6 to number one domestically with $98.5 million over the weekend. The sequel, which also stars Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano, is forecast to top $122 million domestically once the Memorial Day weekend is over on the way to $275.5 million worldwide box office. That would give the sixth film in the racing franchise the second best opening of the year behind Disney and Marvel’s Iron Man 3.

Over the past 12 years, gamers have seen different variations of the Fast & Furious franchise in video game form. Gameloft released multiple mobile games based on the movie franchise up until this year when Kabam took over the license with The Fast and Furious 6. Namco Bandai released The Fast and the Furious on PlayStation 2 and PSP back in 2006 in tandem with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie. Raw Thrills has released a pair of Fast and Furious sitdown arcade machines that can be connected for multiplayer racing. And now Activision has entered the race with Fast and the Furious: Showdown, which offers challenges from all six movies.

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jagiii2504d ago

Activision is great at releasing crappy movie games like Battleship and now Fast and Furious.

lildudexst2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

i don't know this time around those was very old game most movie looking game is good. now

Dos_Equis2504d ago

I don't always race, but when I do, I race Gran Turismo.

Relientk772504d ago

Stay thirsty, my friends

Blank2503d ago

This comment thread had me rolling! Hahaha!

Shaolen2503d ago

The Fast and Furious movies from 4 to current have been more about heists than racing. Sure they have some purty stunts and explosions, but Fast Five lost me when Vin and Paul were all "Hey, we are racing for pink slips." and then a fade to black and they have pink slips. Not even a racing montage.

They should have made the game play more like GTA/Saints Row.