Upcoming Augmented Reality Game will let you live out a zombie apocalypse in your city

gamingreality: "Pandemia is a massively multiplayer online zombie survival game for Android and iOS which implements augmented reality technologies to give you a playing experience you won't easily forget!

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where population has been decimated by a virus that has turned most people into zombie-like creatures and as one of the few humans left you only have one goal: survive.

Imagine what your real world city would look like in such scenario because that's exactly where you are going to play! You'll have to collect resources like food or weapons by finding them in the streets, you'll have to interact with other players, complete quests and, of course, pay attention at not getting infected."

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sprinterboy2508d ago

Sounds cool, but dont want to look to much of a tit in my town centre lol

Klonopin2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Zombie games are a dime a dozen these days. The only zombie game that still gets my post-mortem juices flowing is Left 4 Dead, and only because of the campaign mods.