5 things Sony needs to show at E3 2013

GearNuke: With the announcement of the Playstation 4, the pressure is on Sony to deliver a powerful press conference at this year’s E3. It’ll be important for the console maker to leave a lasting impression that stays in the minds of consumers all the the way up until the PS4’s launch. Sony needs 5 key offerings in order to build that kind of momentum, which are as follows:

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KingKelloggTheWH2504d ago

They really just need to show two things,Versus 13 and the Last guardian.
People want those games badly.They would likely over shadow all the other games at the show.

pr0t0typeknuckles2504d ago

well versus is squares game so i wouldnt hope for that ever being released,seeing how they hate money(no ff7 remake,no frickin kingdom hearts 3,no chrono 3)even though tons of people want those games,but for the last guardian i think we may actually see,but again i wouldnt get my hopes to high for it.

ShinMaster2504d ago

1. The console
2. Games
3. More games
4. Vita and other features
5. Date and price

KewDeGra2504d ago


Perfect list man.

Mykky2504d ago

Versus 13
KH 3
RE: Final Fantasy 7
Chrono 3

Square Enix could have totally owned E3 if they actually made and released the games fans want.

I wonder how many years it will take before any of those are released...

Dee_912504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

2.The Console
5.The Console
I said a few of those more than once I think... wait nope.. I didnt

srly tho I agree with the article

Godmars2902504d ago

No faith in Square. Whatever Versus is called now its just as soon to be multiplatform as under a different name.

indysurfn2504d ago

1, They need to not give in to Microsoft and not add the same restrictions that Microsoft is trying to put on us.
2, They need to have a decent price.
3, They need to show up!
4, They need to show up!
5, They need to show up!

That is all: GAAAME OVER!

zlpw0ker2504d ago

well if sony is showing versus13 at e3 surrounding ps4 I will boycott SE and Sony PS4 and beyond from this day forth,we got promised vs13 in the ps3 era and what we get??
I hope sony gets bankrupt and SE aswell.
I bought the ps3 solely for ff13 and vs13,if I cant get the game on my ps3,im sure as hell wont get a ps4 for vs13 as I did for ps3.

Black-Helghast2504d ago

So what if you got a PS3 only for ffv13? It was still f*ucking worth buying man. Just think of all the exclusives that have launched on the console. ffv13 also was kind of a motivator for me to buy the PS3 but it wasn't the only reason! MGS4, God of War 3, followed by all those games like Uncharted and inFamous. I don't give a shit if ffv13 releases on PS3, PS4 or never releases because I've enjoyed my PS3 like no other console before and I don't regret buying it.

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strigoi8142504d ago


Godmars2902504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The console.

Something in regards to media support, at least someone to put it on par with Roku, would be nice.

All that not forgetting that they have three platforms to cover, with possibly a fourth in iOS games and support.

AznGaara2504d ago

Substitute "HD Remasters" for "Indie games" and thats my list right there.

smashman982504d ago

I respectfully disagree with some points

Specifically remasters and touchpad

I think more important they need to show the interface and it fluidity as well as this new ecosystem they keep talking about

2504d ago
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