Audio: Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg talks about their E3 plans- "Games, Games and Games"

During an interview with Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg on Gamertag Radio, this is what he had to say about E3 2013.

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PirateThom2500d ago

Same thing they said the past 4 years.

Microsoft are pushing a media box, why even go to E3? To show off more Kinect and Call of Duty?


Mr_Nuts2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

You'd be a fool to actually believe them this year. I mean out of those 15 exclusives they have, 8 of them are new IPs

- Quantum Break
- Ryse
- Kinect title 1
- Kinect title 2
- New IP 1
- New IP 2
- Downloadable game 1
- Downloadable game 2

then you have the rest which will most likely consist of multiplatform titles except for one.

- Forza 5
- COD Ghosts
- Battlefield 4
- The Witcher 3
- Fifa 14
- Madden
- More multiplatform titles

Hey they might have some new games up their sleeves but there won't be that many, well not as many which look interesting, most likely FPS games. Besides will that really hide all the negative stuff they are trying to do with their new console.

Jek_Porkins2500d ago

Actually they said they are all retail releases, no download games. When has a console ever featured download games at launch? As for the actual games we don't know, aside from core games like Forza, Quatum Break and Ryse, which is controller based. Rumor has Halo 2 HD, Crackdown 3 and Banjo Kazooe or Killer Instinct. So it could be a varied launch that is awesome!

GameCents2500d ago

Your maths is off. You say 15 exclusives and then only list 9.
I for do not doubt they'll have 15 exclusives or even that they'll focus on games. . .I just won't care if I'm required to connect to the internet everyday just so that I can play a game offline.

PSVita2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@gamecents-it's actually 8 and he was listing the possible New IPs

But back to the article. I think they will show off games but like the last 3 E3s most will be CGI and back by promises.

whoyouwit042500d ago

That list is as wrong as can be, they already said that none of those 15 exclusives are not downloadable and all are coming from their internal studios; which they have 23 of. More then both Nintendo and Sony

Man-E-Faces2500d ago

First of all those 15 exclusives are not launch titles Microsoft clearly said during their conference they were coming/showing in the first year of XboxOne some may even be delayed or have just started production and will be teased within the year. Lastly you don't bundle a Kinect device that adds to the shipping weight cost and don't support it that's just stupid, I really wonder how much it cost to ship from China that brick of a console with kinect included.

Narutone662500d ago

And all their games are region-locked. Didn't they learn anything about region-locking a game?

sjaakiejj2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

- Quantum Break
- Ryse
- Next-Gen Fitness IP
- Next-Gen Family IP
- Next-Gen Sports IP
- Black Tusk IP
- Kinect based IP
- Cloud Based title

- Halo 5/2HD
- Forza 5
- Gears of War 4/Judgement 2/Whatever
- Kinect Adventures 2/Kinect Sports Season 3
- Fable 4
- Killer Instinct
- Crackdown/Project Gotham Racing

That's my predictions.

abzdine2500d ago

let's say they have insane AAA games to announce! first is Sony first party games will be hard to top, and second is that region locked, always spying and blocking of used games killed it for everybody!
no one's gonna buy this piece of junk no matter the games.

Gildarts2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Where is crackdown 3 and killer instinct. And blacktusk new shooter. And fable 4?
Which are all confirmed.

List of confirmed games.

Crackdown 3
Killer Instinct 3 (recently renewed trademark)
Fable 4
Blacktusk shooter.
Forza 5
Quantum Break
Project Gotham 5 (also renewed trademark)

7 games left and No casual games in sight.

3-4-52499d ago

well 15 are exclusive to Xbox...8 are new..+ the other sports games which are multi-platform.

These games better be amazing.

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ArchangelMike2500d ago

Exactly, even if M$ show exclusive new IP's, i'm still not getting the XBOne. Simply because, the trade off's are too great. M$ has made known their business strategy going forward, and it does not appeal to me at all.

scofios2500d ago

Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg talks about their E3 plans- damage control , damage control and damage control.

pixelsword2500d ago

Don't forget about controlling the damage.

Daz2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

so damage control on something that he said before the 21st what was going to happen;/

Maddens Raiders2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg talks about their E3 plans- "Games, Games and Games"

...yeah he had better say that.

headblackman2500d ago

they never said no bull like that. stop lying. I've watched every e3 and kept up with them before the happened, and Microsoft has never ever promised a bunch of games ever. Microsoft has always under promised and over delivered. so where are you getting your lies from. stop saying stuff that never happened. you seen someone up on n4g say that crap and you ran with it. this is 100% bogus.

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Bathyj2500d ago

They go because E3 isnt actually a games show.

Its an Electronic "Entertainment" Expo.

Theyre sneaking in through a loophole.

pixelsword2500d ago

He lost weight.

Good for him.

GezForce2500d ago

its all that Kinect software :)

AngelicIceDiamond2499d ago

@Pirate Here's 5 for you.

Ryse, Quantum Break, Forza, Black tusks new Ip and Rares new Project Will be making it at E3

You logic was super easy to dismantle and pretty childish. Every time Someone says "Kinect, Kinect, Kinect COD" I'll simply reply and copy and paste those 5 confirmed titles until you say "Wait, MS will have hardcore titles and new Ip's".

Why is it hard for people to accept those confirm titles is WAY beyond me... unless your a fanboy, that's the only logical explanation I can think of honestly.

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Foliage2500d ago

The intent of the reveal was to overload everyone with all the horrible features of the console; features alone that should detract anyone from coming 10 feet from the thing (literally, as you are always being recorded).

Now they plan to use E3 to gloss over all the horrible; people will see the usual multi-platform games and tired franchises; then forget to ask the legitimate questions.

rainslacker2500d ago

E3 will actually get more mainstream press, so you may not be far off in that analysis. The mainstream looks to be a target audience for MS's marketing plans this gen. Hopefully some of this mainstream picks up on the negative stuff and and reports it so consumers can be more informed.

Sitdown2500d ago

Reality is, no matter how many games Microsoft shows or how much they back peddle and change policy for the better, some of you will still find something to complain about. The irony is, the complaining might cause Microsoft to make a better console, in which the new cycle of complaining will begin. Funny how even though Microsoft is so hated, those individuals are quick to seek out any Xbox thread to comment...... shouldn't you be somewhere playing the console you love so much?

Taker_1292500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I really do hope that all this backlash makes microsoft wake up and realize what gamers want. Because I personally would love to have an Xbox One next to my Playstation 4. But as it stands right now, that's not going to happen.

Edit: @sitdown I did not disagree with you by the way.

wishingW3L2500d ago

I think that's the point... People are complaining so they make a better console. Everybody wins!

RiPPn2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I think all this complaining is just a tip of the iceberg. The people being vocal are not just pissed about the conference as much as most like to think. It's confirmation of a con. People feel betrayed because they have put their support and money behind this company, and this company is crapping all over them. People have already started waking up to the rip off that is Xbox Live Gold. Or the realization they were baited by Microsoft in to buying the 360 only to be forgotten once the machine could be carried by 3rd parties. Or the smug / arrogant comments made by the execs. We all know companies exist to make money, but since when does that mean they should quit giving a crap about their customers? Sony had this attitude and arrogance for the PS3 launch and it nearly destroyed their brand. Microsoft better start damage control and quit thinking a handful of exclusives are going to make people forget their actions or they too could find themselves scrambling the next generation just as Sony did to remain relevant.

badkolo2499d ago

who feels betrayed, some kids on n4g. i dont, i cant wait to get one.

NewEra72500d ago

Doesn't really matter tbh its just going to bait you in to getting the system im the house. They said their agenda is to take over the living rooms of America. Think about what they did with this last Gen with the 360. Exclusives and pretty decent games at launch and within the first few years but later down the line the core games,stopped and it was apps and stuff to market the casuals. I know be because I had one. They're liars and manipulaters.. "Jack of all trades, master of none".

GotEnder2500d ago

lol msoft i bet all you want to do is talk about games after the terrible press you are receiving about the console and its features.

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