Who will win the game platform war?

VB - With Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One this week, the slate of consoles for the next generation has become a known quantity. Each major game console maker has revealed its strategy, and game industry veterans can now weigh in on who has the best plan. But the competition in games isn’t limited to just the consoles anymore. Mobile devices, the PC, and a host of Android-based devices are hitting the market at the same time.

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EasilyTheBest2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Of course Xbox One, PS4 is to much for hardcore gamers.. Theres not enough of them..
Theres way way more casual ppl out there.

Oh look, disagrees even on that...
This site lol

ZodTheRipper2503d ago

I'm still believing in my prediction :D
And the recent Xbox reveal just confirms it.

-Mezzo-2503d ago

Did you bother reading the title.

2503d ago
EasilyTheBest2503d ago

"Another blind fanboy.., you think a causal gamer will pay that much box a Xbox to watch TV?"

Whos the blind fanboy?

I thought you would be able to watch TV on an Xbox One.
Play Games.
Watch Movies.
Play Controllerless Games.
Skype Friends and family.
Bing stuff on the net.
Listen to music.
Play Blu Ray discs.

Theres prob tons of other stuff.
Whos to say the Price of the Xbox One? You know something we don't.
It could be £199

fattyuk2503d ago

£199!! lol yeah good luck.

DivineAssault 2503d ago

casuals wont b attracted to this thing tho.. Its going to b labeled as a spy device for 1... 2, no1 wants to pay $400+ for a glorified cable box u can talk to to change channels & have real time fantasy football.. 3, all its restrictions & requirements will make ppl go toward PS4.. & 4, the core gaming community will definitely go where the best games will be

PigPen2503d ago

I think Xbox One will beat the PS4 with exclusives.

BullyMangler2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

but what the hek is the 720 box 1 gonna do to the wiiU when not even the 360 has dethroned the N64 regarding content and rE-play value ?

c'mon now

and what could RareWare be up to ?

comparing points between which console has the Most Badass exclusives is how we determine who is ahead < fact poW!

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Tapioca Cold2503d ago

Honestly,who really cares.

B-radical2503d ago

Im hoping xbox put in fitness game for atm im bulking in size trying to get too 100kg currently at 93kg so once i hit 100kg im gonna start cutting again so im hoping xbox one provides me with atleast one cardio game then ill be shredded as fuuuuarrkkkk

2503d ago
Gamesgbkiller2503d ago

I don't remember how many times I said this word.


But I know its more then ONE.

Anthotis2503d ago Show
GoldPunch-TR2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

*Just America.

elhebbo162503d ago

I dunno, the PS1 and PS2 were back to back console war champs in America, heck the world. the 360 had an advantage this gen and even that wouldnt the PS3 from selling more. and with all that bad press X1 is getting :\ ...

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The story is too old to be commented.