PS4 vs Xbox One: Launch Event Comparison

WC - February 20th 2013, Sony took centre stage in New York City to showcase the next generation of console gaming with the Playstation 4.

May 21st 2013, a baffling 3 months later, Xbox took their swing at the next generation by announcing the Xbox One.

Both conferences were exciting, well organised, informative and came with a clear, albeit diverse, message.

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EasilyTheBest2501d ago

Please could we post all the negative things about the New Xbox One, below.
As has been pointed out in every thread on N4G.
Someone must have missed them.

urwifeminder2501d ago

I did not see the sony one but enjoyed the ms conference the fall out has been amusing looking forward to the box in my house.

Supermax2501d ago

Hey look Sony has drm now