Wii U: Release Dates Known For 2013 Releases

By David Cornell

Wii U still has some good titles coming in 2013. Here are the release dates known thus far.

Wii U has recently seen a spike in sales thanks to disappointing details surrounding the Xbox One and the lack of enthusiasm toward the PlayStation 4. That’s not to say there aren’t some gamers who’ll stick with their console or choice in spite of everything, but it’s starting to look like Wii U is the choice for gamers fed up with the unimpressive next generation.

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gamer422498d ago

why is metro last light there? and did castle of illusion get confirmed for wiiu already?

Retroman2498d ago

with X1 conference catastrophe this a good time for Nintendo to announce SNES games to reign on MS failure.

TotalSynthesisX2498d ago

Dang. I was desperately trying to find Smash Bros. 4 on that list. ;-;

from the beach2498d ago

Honestly think it's going to be 2014.. Super Mario U and maybe Retro's game this year though?

Rusty5152498d ago

Yeah I think Super Mario U definitely has to come out this holiday season or the wii u will get destroyed by the competition. I'll probably pick one up next year when Nintendo finally drops smash bros. That game's gonna sell a lot of people on the wii u including myself. But for this year, I'm buyin a ps4.

yugovega2498d ago

they do realize new super luigi u has 2 release dates right?

thatgamereviews2497d ago

For retail and digital versions.

thezeldadoth2498d ago

new super luigi is a june release if you already have new super mario u

Myst2498d ago

Lego Marvel you shall be mine as well as D&D

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The story is too old to be commented.